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With the recent release of the second Age of Ultron trailer, Marvel fans everywhere are literally buzzing with excitement. Ever since the mid-credits scene in the second Captain America film depicting twin mutants Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, buzz has been steadily mounting. Counting in all the evidence collected so far, here is a list of ten things that will surely make all you Marvelites break down in the second instalment of the Avengers series.

1) The soundtrack includes a reworked version of I’ve Got No Strings from Pinocchio

Here’s one of the perks of Marvel being bought out by Disney, they can use all Disney patented soundtracks. The way they’ve reworked an otherwise innocent song about a puppet and made it quite sinister... Say goodbye to your childhood! We even hear Ultron say “There are no strings on me”, which is just super creepy. This spin on the naïve fairytale innocence of Pinocchio makes this villain seem even more deranged and dangerous.

2) Natasha Romanoff’s backstory

When we see ballet cuts, it can only mean one thing: Natasha Romanoff’s backstory. Fans have been craving this since the first Avengers film and now we’re finally getting somewhere. This is sure to provoke intense emotion and really rivet audiences. We also see her get her face slammed down onto a gurney, which is followed immediately by a close-up of some medical equipment. Maybe, we’ll see Natasha as a victim rather than her super composed mercenary self. We’ll surely see her early life as a Russian spy and maybe a flashback or two depicting her as a villain and her and Hawkeye’s relationship.

3) Ultron sounds like a distorted JARVIS

For those who don’t know, Ultron is a being created by Tony Stark that manifests inside his own supercomputer, JARVIS. Even though it’s actually a different actor voicing Ultron, when you listen to Ultron’s voice, he sounds like a very distorted version of JARVIS, like he’s still in there somewhere. This again links in with the soundtrack, making something that we associate with the good guys terribly sinister.

4) A Thor/Iron Man confrontation

At one point in the trailer, we see Tony Stark get attacked by Thor. This suggests a conflict in the group dynamic. As a fan there’s nothing more crushing than when the strongest members of the team are sparring, especially with the Avengers when they work so well as a unit and you just want to scream at them and make them work together… This could also hint at the events leading up to [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) which will see the Avengers split in two, suggesting that the end of Age of Ultron probably won’t include the happy ending we’re all hoping for...

5) The Hulkbuster

The Hulkbuster is the Iron Man style suit that is supposed to be able to subdue The Hulk should it run wild. We saw something similar in the first Iron Man film when Obidiah Stane created a bigger and more powerful Iron Man suit to overpower Tony Stark after stealing his arc reactor. The Hulkbuster is a last resort protocol and can only mean that chaos will ensue regarding The Hulk.

6) Bruce in a straitjacket

In the first trailer we see Bruce Banner wearing a straitjacket, which can only mean one thing; he’s struggling to control “the other guy”. This combined with the shots we see of Bruce wandering about a forest without a shirt on alludes to Bruce’s lack of control. It’s quite likely that Bruce will have put himself in the straitjacket to protect his colleagues... Now there’s a sad thought.

7) Captain America’s shield split in two

Here’s when all the Cap fans dissolve into tears. His shield is made of Vibranium, an almost unbreakable material so naturally, the general reaction was: HOW?! This striking image was probably used in the trailer to provoke exactly this response The sad truth is that Marvel is going to kill off Captain America in the near future, most likely in the third Captain America film, so this could possibly be his weak point leading to his demise.

8) The Princess of Wakanda

One thing there’s been a lot of debate about is the woman undressing in the cave in the latest trailer. A popular opinion is that it is [Black Panther](movie:9047)’s sister, the Princess of Wakanda. The village of Wakanda is where the rare source of the aforementioned metal Vibranium is found. This presumably means that Ultron is looking for a new element to forge a new body out of, putting the entire of the Avengers at his mercy. How else could he have broken Captain America’s shield without having some Vibranium himself?

9) Quicksilver being in competition with himself

Due to half of Marvel being bought by Disney and Quicksilver appearing in both universes, the character is in limbo between them and has been cast twice. Evan Peter’s Quicksilver being in contest with Aaron Taylor Johnson’s, will that be a help or a hindrance to the character? If one gets more critical attention, the other character’s role could be in jeopardy and impede the franchise.

10) Where do Thanos/Hydra and the events of Thor: The Dark World/[Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) fit in?

This is a worry plaguing many Marvel fans. Could too many story arcs spoil the broth in the second Avengers film? We already have Ultron as the main villain in this film and Thanos, Hydra, Ronan, Loki and countless other villains in the overarching narrative, but how are they all going to fit in? Is it really wise to introduce a new villain when we already have so much going on? We know that The Avengers has always been marketed as an action film but is mindless violence the only thing they’re aiming for with the next few phases for the Marvel franchise?

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) will undeniably render all fans speechless. We’ll hopefully get more answers soon!


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