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By now most of you have heard of the upcoming Friday the 13th and Evil Dead television series. Not to mention the shows already on air such as Bates Motel and Hannibal. But where the classic horror villain Michael Myers???

While going through the crazy popular blogging website know as Tumblr, we stumbled across this gem. It's a fans interpretation of the classic John Carpenter Halloween series done in television form simply titled: Haddonfield.

So far only the first episode has been posted (probably just enough to build some excitement). But wow! It's amazing! Whoever holds the rights to the Halloween franchise NEEDS to check this out!

The whole idea makes a new movie seem like a really bad idea. Why not bring Michael Myers to your television once a week!

The plot simply moves some pieces around from the original movies, making Myers famous Doctor, Sam Loomis, a younger man just out of his internship. AKA someone who can keep up with the killer and end up in a crazy one on one battle! Once Myers escapes Smith's Grove Sanitarium, Loomis has a responsibility to bring him back. However, the cool stuff that really makes this particular show interesting is the lack of Michael Myers.... Yes, he's in there but it's not overdone. This is smart horror for smart people. Similar to The Walking Dead, the story is about the characters and their manhunt for Myers while the serial killer is a dark looming presence that appears from time to time to wreak havoc. That’s not to say there’ll be a ton of Michael Myers and his trail of bodies though… They just gotta warm you up first!

Sounds awesome right? YES! It really brings back the whole "Shape" thing for some of you hardcore Halloween fans.

See for yourselves as we've attached the link to read the first episode's script:

So please, to whom it may concern, forget Halloween 3, the re-reboot or whatever you're calling it now. TV is the way to go, hire this guy to write this show and sit back and let the money roll in! And hey, can't be worse than Rob Zombie's H2, right???

What do you guys think? Solid idea, or is it time to let the Halloween franchise die?


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