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That's right, Academy Award-nominee movies The Boxtrolls, Coraline, and ParaNorman all sold a select few (and few is really an understatement) models, props, and handmade art to help benefit The Art of Elysium.

Don't know what The Art of Elysium is? They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting ill and hospitalized children with a wide range of programs that promotes their creativity. Pretty cool right?

You never realize while watching these movies just how much work actually goes into the sets and models. The amount of detail on even the tiniest prop is astounding.


Also, while watching the films, you don't realize how small all of the props really are.

My keys are larger than most of the items on the banquet table if that gives you a better impression on just how incredible this is and how difficult it must have been to make these props with as much detail as they had.

Each of these puppet's clothes were handmade. Yes, even the shoes. Which, I might add, are actual leather shoes.

Here's a better picture to see her outfit in greater detail...

Hand made silk dress and leather boots
Hand made silk dress and leather boots

I personally wanted these Snatcher puppets but I'm poor. Aren't they hilarious though?

Not to mention each of these puppets have hundreds of faces that can be mixed and matched on them to make different expressions or show different costumes/make-up.

Then you have the amazing water wheel prop from The Box Trolls that actually works!

Here's a closer look just so you can see the amount of detail.

Of course, I saved the best of The Boxtrolls for last...

Snatcher's drill and...

His snatching truck! Pretty sweet ride, huh? Too bad we're not Thumbelina sized.

There was definitely more Boxtroll showcases but there was quite a bit of Coraline stuff that was absolutely exquisite. If you love Coraline, you're going to enjoy this concept art for Coraline's house...

Here's how Coraline's face is changed between each shot. They literally take their face off and change it with the next!

And here's Coraline once she's all together again...

Once again, all amazing hand crafted clothes and shoes!

Then there are more puppets from ParaNorman. I'll admit, I have't seen ParaNorman. The Boxtrolls and Coraline were more up my alley and there wasn't nearly as much stuff from ParaNorman as the others.

I can't describe or show you in these pictures how amazing this art is. It's really something you have to see for yourself. There is just so much of it too that you can view here.

And here's a final awesome picture that just had to be shared...


If you haven't already, The Boxtrolls is available on Blu-Ray and be sure to check out the Oscars because it is a nominee this year for Best Animated Feature! Let's hope it wins!


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