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My expectations were perhaps a bit too high for the newest Wachowski film. After the disappointment that was Cloud Atlas I was hoping for a return to form for the siblings. Alas, Jupiter Ascending is a disjointed mess of a film that fails on all levels. While not as bad as Cloud Atlas, the film still has trouble finding it's footing underneath the clunky narrative.

I'm a huge fan of The Matrix. It's still a top 10 film for me and I even had a blast with Speed Racer. Something is missing though lately with this directing duo. The bulk of the movie rests on the shoulders of Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum.They both do serviceable jobs but neither leaves an interesting performance behind them. The same could be said for everyone in the film. Eddie Redmayne plays the most memorable character but that's not to say it's a good one. He comes off as a poor cross between Voldemort and General Zod.

The story is messy and poorly paced. Long strings of boring dialogue are wedged between some overly computerized action. It pushes into Star Wars Prequel territory more often than not, complete with cheesy aliens.

The Wachowski's are famous for utilizing advanced tech in their films but this already feels dated. Slow-motion is in play but cued at odd times and we see far too much of the wolf-man flying around on hover boots. There are moments that do work from a space DMV visit to a cool chase thru the city and it keeps enough momentum to at least keep most people in their seats.

The biggest problem the film suffers from and one that The 3rd Matrix had was the lack of any real weight in the conclusion. You feel no impact or emotion when the credits roll. A comment on my video summarized this better than I could by simply stating: "Jupiter Descending". Spot on.

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