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We all have had a nightmare before, but there are some movies that literally prey on those childhood fears. Here is a list of movies that hit close to home and bring up some things we had hidden in the deepest parts of our memories.

1. It

One word: Clowns. I think everyone deep down has a fear of clowns, except if you grew up in a side show circus. I watched It as a young girl and it fucked with me. I love Tim Curry so I think he did a wonderful job playing Pennywise. But one thing this movie has taught me is that my kids will never be allowed at the circus.

2. Child's Play (Chucky)

Good old Chucky. Child's Play was the first horror movie I have ever seen and boy did it leave a permanent scar. I honestly have to thank Chucky though, because I think it was these movies that gave me my love of horror. It was always terrifying to me to see a 2 foot doll chasing people around and killing them. Worst of all HE NEVER DIED.

3. Arachnophobia

I myself suffer from a sever arachnophobia, and when I decided to watch this movie I 100% regretted it. I can remember being like 7 or 8 and having panic attacks because my play house I had in the back yard would be covered in daddy long legs'. So needless to say I am terrified of spiders. Even this GIF freaks me out a little. I don't know about you, but this movie was making me squirm from start to finish.

4. Fear of the Dark

Being afraid of the dark is something I think we're born with. It's very primal. We feel isolated and yet surrounded. Being in the dark is a time when our minds love to play all kinds of tricks on us, making us feel uncomfortable and afraid. In the movie Fear of the Dark we meet a young boy who is petrified of the things unknown in the dark. I would suggest this to anyone who has never really felt afraid, just to give you an inside look into how fucking creepy it is.

5. Jaws

I still to this day refuse to go into open water. We've had a pool at my childhood home for 15 years now and even as a kid I wouldn't go in it. I think Jaws had something to do with that. Just the fear of something potentially ripping me in half and eating me for lunch is enough to make me get chills. I don't know why I was ever allowed to watch this as a child, but I really wish I hadn't.

6. The Decent

I never personally experienced this nightmare. I hate being in tight spaces, but I get more annoyed than scared. The Decent made me see just how horrifying this can be. Could you imagine being in a really confined cave with nowhere to go or hide. Especially with gross inbred creatures hunting you for dinner. I'm pretty sure I would be found cowering in a corner somewhere trying, but failing, to keep my shit together.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'm dying to hear what some of your nightmares/fears were as a child, so please let me know in the comments!


What are you the most afraid of?


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