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As Every Person in the world i am a very huge fan of the generic yellow characters The Simpsons created by Matt Groening and exhibited by Fox Channel here are some predictions

1. Video Call

Matt Groening the creator of face time? LOL
Matt Groening the creator of face time? LOL

As incredible as it seems a Skype or a FaceTime call seemed like an impossible thing from our imagination but on the 6th season on the episode "Lisa's Wedding" Marge is the first one to try this type of call, and this was all back in 1995 in a time where not even broadband connection was invented

2. Baby Cry Translator

This gadget is a machine that listens to the baby's cry and translates its frequency into words i.e boohoo equals "I'm hungry," and the Simpsons got it right in 2009 and today it's available on the iPhone app store, this marvellous creation.

3. Autocorrect

Poor Martin
Poor Martin

in 1994 the Toughies were in the cinema watching a movie and tried to take a note but guess what?


4. Consumption Of Horse Meat

Eww Gross!
Eww Gross!

In two years back there has been some controversy going on in England that some brands are producing horse meat and selling it to the public (it was kind of a big thing) but in 1994 in the episode "The Sweets Song," we could see clearly what the lady is cooking.

5. The Smart Watch

In the Episode "Lisa's Wedding" we saw Lisa's husband doing a call from his watch in 1995.

6. Neymar's Fracture And The FIFA World Cup Finals

In this episode it was really recent but the fact that they predicted that Brazil's champion (Neymar) would get injured while playing, and not against Colombia but still against Germany which made it into the finals and won as shown in the show and as it really happened in real life.

Tell me in the comment section below what do you guys think, or if you have any suggestion of more Simpsons prediction that they got right leave it down in a comment below


Do you guys think all of those are speculations or the hidden truth?


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