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Do you ever get bored at home, sit on your lovely couch and put in a total '80s flick?

And when you watch that flick, do you ever think, "Man, I wish they made movies like these still!"?

Well, wish granted!

At the 2015 Sundance Film Festival (and now SXSW 2015), in came a film that granted that very wish to everyone: Turbo Kid. Thanks to our beloved Moviepilot, I actually got to watch the film with a bowl of pretzel sticks and a cup of orange Kool-Aid. And I have to say, this film was just absolutely awesome! Here is the trailer for the film and a description just in case you aren't familiar with the film and you want to know more.

In the distant future of 1997, Zeus ( Micheal Ironside) controls all water sources. The Kid (Munro Chambers) travels the wasteland looking for any remains of civilization. He stumbles on the costume and weapons of his favorite comic book character Turbo Rider and takes on the mantle. He also meets an innocent and always smiling girl named Apple (Laurence Leboeuf) whom he questions, protects and discovers more about.

Now, I could go on a big long rant with long paragraphs with absolutely no break in between them on why it's so awesome like some reviewers, but I thought it would be much more entertaining and appropriate to do a Top 3 reasons why Turbo Kid is Freaking Amazing! Like I said, it's appropriate to make this a fun review because it's a super fun movie...

(Smooth transition into reason one!)

Reason 1: It's a Fun and Wildly Original Movie!

The word "fun" is a huge understatement for this film. Words like: pleasurable, merrymaking, pleasing, would make for way better words to describe this film!

The reason it is merrymaking, pleasing, etc. is because, it doesn't take itself seriously! It has over-the-top blood, totally crazy character ideas, super weird weapons (which is awesome), elaborate costumes and the list goes on.

Sure, many movies have those things, but they lack story and are just plain awful. Turbo Kid doesn't follow that. It uses all the fun elements, but actually has a story that is very interesting, pulls you in and makes you actually relate to the story, which makes the movie much more fun!

Reason 2: The Characters!

My favorite thing in this movie: the characters. Every character in this film was absolutely lovable. In almost every movie there is that one character you just hate because they're a jerk, annoying or you just don't like them. But in Turbo Kid, there is no character like that. All the characters are just about equally lovable and awesome, even the villains are! At some points you could even find yourself routing for the villains because that's how lovable they really are!

Not only were the characters so lovable and awesome, the cast was so perfect and had some of the best chemistry I've ever seen. The main characters (pictured above) have the most outstanding chemistry in this film. They work so well together and you can clearly tell they like each other and like what they're doing. And if the cast likes what they're doing, the audience will like what they're watching!

Reason 3: The Beauty of the Film!

For not being a big budget movie, Turbo Kid had some amazing visuals!

Like I stated, there is a lot of blood, but it looks absolutely insane and incredible. It's just amazing to see and wonder how they pulled it off so nicely. The camera shots are equally amazing as well. Whether be of the ruins of the land, have an epic bike case, or of arm wrestling, they are just beautiful and extremely well made. The elaborate costumes I mentioned (like pictured above) are extremely eye catching and are just plain bad-a**. Even though the customs are made from mix-matched objects and funky material that a 6 year old would use, it still looks pretty amazing and creative.

Not only visually does the film look beautiful, but the audio is equally as good. With a catchy 80's style theme song and really different, but awesome fighting music, if a soundtrack was for sale for this movie right now, I would buy it in a heartbeat!

Some Cons

Sadly, every great movie has one or two problems. But, the only thing I see wrong with Turbo Kid is...that I CRAVED more at the end! It ended way too soon, which I totally understand because it wasn't a big budget film and is an "indie" film. But still, I would of loved to see more. I think it just needed more closure because it does end in a way were you're like, "Is that the end?"

But, maybe they did this on purpose so they could do a sequel if Turbo Kid really takes off (similar to Star Wars in a way). Other than needing either more closure or needed to be longer, the film in my eyes, was pretty con-less.

The Overall Word

Turbo Kid is a visually pleasing, perfectly casted, and wildly original film that I personally could see becoming a cult classic film! If you ever get the chance to see this film, take that chance immediately because I promise that you will not be disappointed.

Are you interested in seeing this awesome film? Does this film sound like your sweet cup of tea? Well, tell me down in the comments below your thoughts on how you think this movie sounds and looks! Thank you all for reading and I hope to do more movie reviews in the near future!


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