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  • Draco vs Harry

Draco has lots of friends that can protect him when it comes to fighting he also has professor snape on his side wich is a big help. Not saying that Harry dosent have any friends that will protect him but draco has a gang of slytherin friends. Draco also is a death eater wich gives him advantages such as he has thousounds on hi side. Draco also is a very good wizard he has parents that are still alive that are amazing wizards that has taught him very well. Draco is also a smart wizard and can use his dark arts to his advantage(not saying harry isnt good at dark arts).

Harry is a very good wizard that is very curious. Harry has a wand that is one of the best wands ever created beside the elder wand. Harry also has dumbledore and mcgonagall and molly and arther weasley. Harry is also mentored by one of the greatest wizard that ever lived. Harry also speaks parsletounge for part of the series witch is very useful against a slytherin.

Overall I think that harry would win the duel because of his BOSS wizard skills and because he his mentored by one of the greatest wizards that ever lived.


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