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It all starts in 2012. I decided to go live with my godmother and my godfather, because the conditions in which I was living back home were terrible. I was depressed and I felt like I needed some change, and my cousin, who was 18 at the time, wanted to help me. We became very close.

I've always believed in ghost stories, as far as I can remember, because the stories I've heard of have proofs. Anyways, it started in October. I was sleeping when I heard a loud voice coming from downstairs. I thought it was my cousin, since we were home alone, but the next morning, he asked me why I was screaming. I didn't answer, but I thought it was quite weird. Nothing else really happened for a couple of months. In June, my godfather had to stop working, due to a depression. I started having weird dreams. A human figure would walk back and forth across the house, dressed in a black cloak. I would dream of this figure every night.

One morning, before school, I was home alone. My godmother was working, my cousin was also working and my godfather was taking a walk, as usual. I suddenly heard a little boy's voice, laughing. I thought I was still a little sleepy, so I wasn't quite upset about it. But then I heard it once more, before going outside to take the bus. My heart started beating faster, and I rushed my way outside. I texted my cousin to check out for the cats or something like that, I didn't know what it was. He texted me "Ok..?" and I didn't reply.

When I came back from school, I saw him on the couch with his bud, Dave (fake name). They were laughing, and my cousin asked me why I wanted him to check out the cats . I told him it was nothing, and I forgot about it.

I've seen and experienced weird things afterwards. The house's temperature would be 7° hotter than usual, although the two fireplaces would not be functioning. Glasses would fall off the counter and break. The cats became agressive. One of the 4 doors (the garage door at the side, the front doors, the side doors and the backyard door) would open by themselves, from time to time. The door that leads to a little balcony, in my bedroom, would also open, at the same time, every morning, around 7 o'clock. My bedroom would always be cold, though. I was kind of worried about the situation, but didn't tell anyone. In the last week of September, my mother came over for some tarot session. Before she left, she looked in one of the doors, which have windows all over. She paralyzed, panicking. She saw a man in a black cloak coming from the front door, heading to my godfather's bedroom in no less than 5 seconds. It was on September 25th, around 9 p.m.

I started worrying about the figure. My mother told me, when she was driving to get to the house, she had visions of a man, between 39 and 49, that had trouble breathing. She wrote down what she was seeing and feeling. The man was saying how much he loved "her" and how he will miss her laughter, her smile and beautiful eyes. How his 2 sons are the best thing to ever happen to him.

About a week later, on October 2nd, 2013, I woke up, to go to school, after a night of dreaming of the cloaked figure, but that night, it spoke to me. "The end is near" were his words. He kept on repeting them. Anyways, my "balcony" door was closed. I looked outside the window, to see if it was still raining, but it wasn't. So I hurried up, already late for school. I had a small talk with my godfather, and he offered me to drive me to school. I accepted, surprised. It was something unusual. " Have a nice day, love ya ! " were the last thing he told me before heading home.

I felt kind of sick, and around 1 p.m., I asked my teacher if I could call my cousin to pick me up, because I felt nauseous. He didn't pick up the phone, so I tried to call home. No answer, which was quite weird, since my godfather was supposed to stay home and work on the shed. I told the secretary I lived near and walked home, feeling very sick. I arrived around 1h45 p.m., and started looking all around for my godfather. I wanted to know why he didn't pick up the phone. I went in the backyard, but he was nowhere to be seen. I tried his cellphone, no answer. I went back inside, and called my godmother, asking her if she knew where her husband was. She replied with a "No, the last time we talked was around 11. " and texted my cousin to come over, because I was scared he might have gone walking in the woods, behind the house, and had an attack or something. He rushed home, and we started looking all over for him. After a half hour, we still haven't found him. We decided to go see in the shed, he might have fell or something might have injured him. The door was too hard for us to open, which was weird, so my cousin kicked it. We found him. Dead. He hung himself. "The end is near" made sense at this very moment. The cloaked figure was Death herself, making fun of us. I still can not believe, to this day, I have experienced this. I regret not believing in the things I have seen earlier, I could possibly have stopped him from committing suicide. My cousin recently told me he dreamt the same dreams, and heard the same noises, and seen the same things. We don't live there anymore, too hard and scary and painful.

*Sorry for my English, I'm a French Canadian that wanted to share her TRUE scary life-experience.


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