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Mary McMichael

It was a cloudy morning on a Sunday in New York City. When all of a sudden the sirens were going off. I turn on the news and the reporter on CNN was talking about the insane clowns that escaped from the insane asylum. They escaped from the asylum by killing all of the workers. How they became insane is by these clown masks that they were dared to put on. Once they put them on, the masks became their skin for their faces. Seeing themselves this way drove them totally insane. The day was almost over when suddenly I was awaken by a thudding sound coming from the sliding doors. I go to check it out and it was one of the clowns. He was thudding his head against the glass, he must of been doing this for a while because his head was gushing blood. With the last thud, he hit his head so hard that he fell over dead, with a bloody smile on his face. I went to bed and had this horrific nightmare, about a mass group of clowns chanting, "We're coming after you!!!" and "You're next!!!" repeatedly until I woke up screaming and in a sweat. I got up to find the clown's face was gone because the crows had eaten it. It is now Monday, I turned the news on and the clowns were all over the city terrorizing people. The CNN reporter warned the city to stay inside and to lock our doors to be safe from these insane hooligans. I went back to find the clown't intestines were laying strung out on the deck and the crows were fighting over the intestines. I looked outside and those same clowns from my nightmare surrounded my house chanting the exact same chant. Then the crows started hitting the windows snapping their necks. The crows were going crazy trying to eat the clowns alive. I went into the insane asylum that they escaped from. There were dead bodies all over the floor all of the blood and gore you could imagine. Then I see that there's a clown mask laying on an operating table just for me. I put it on and immediately it becomes my face. I go out carrying a scalpel and use it to cut the clowns faces off to collect them all. I end up going to an insane asylum, because I found out that those clowns were all in my head and that I was the one wearing the mask.


So what do you think should there be a sequel to this short story?


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