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Alright I will confess that this is more of a personal article, as I am quite a avid collector of my favorite films and franchises. Having the privilege to watch movies I quite enjoy on multiple occasions whenever I want to just seemed appealing, as well as it expands a library of films that I quite enjoy. Maybe one day I will sit down and actually consider what my personal favorite films are altogether. Still, as an avid collector of these I have some issues with decisions the publishers make at times. Don’t worry I won’t go on a rant of some kind, but structure different aspects that sometimes simply bother me. I must point as I live abroad I cannot truly say that this is an international issue, so technically I will simply generalize it to my personal experience. So without further ado, here are a few points that simply bother me.

An Issue of Title?

No matter how you organize all your films, if it may be by alphabet or simply grouping them according to what films you prefer the most. While organizing them commonly only the sides stick out so you can easily find your films according to the titles. Yet here is the issue,t hat sometimes these titles face different directions. My Jurassic Park trilogy faces left while all films next to it face to the right. It is something that maybe could be OCD, but it just seems confusing why certainly film productions decide to flip these displays at times. Maybe it simply depends on whoever is publishing the film that they get twisted around, but luckily this is quite infrequent as of yet.

Steelbook or no Steelbook?

Something that seems quite interesting is that a select of films are published in a special steelbook edition, which commonly is a bit more expensive. Yet it does add sometimes a unique design or poster to make it stick out more and the better durability certainly adds a special touch, but what seems a bit confusing or rather annoying is how random the decisions seems to be. There are films that later on receive a steelbook release, but sometimes some films don’t receive any at all. While it isn’t necessarily a problem, but there seems to be a lack of consistency. Nowadays steelbooks are used mainly for 3D releases of films and are quite expensive, so I personally see what design for an existing film that sticks out, but when looked at among other blu-rays they certainly stick out like a sore thumb if not separated additionally.

Costs were around 25,- on release!
Costs were around 25,- on release!

Consistency for a Multi-Film Franchise?

So, Marvel Cinematic Universe is an amazing thing and we might see DC create their own as well, but why is a film franchise consisting of multiple films not consistent with their design? The main issue simply lies with the first release of Iron Man, as it was still a production before Walt Disney purchased Marvel, but why not go back and re-release the blu-rays with a better design? The only consistency I could find was that the steelbook editions of the 3D films all have a similar design with the main characters heads stuck on the outside. Also, while the case with the Cosmic Cube is interesting, it is a little difficult if you want to row your films in one franchise.

Oh, Shiny!
Oh, Shiny!

Don’t worry, that is it for now, but I wonder do you share the same problems? Do you like collecting blu-rays or DVDs? Hell, do you love collecting anything, books, video games, comics and have faced similar issues? Share your collection and opinions in the comments below!


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