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Roberto Zarco

Peter Parker - Logan Lerman

Though Logan Lerman may seem like a bad actor to many (due to the questionable quality of Percy Jackson), Lerman is reportedly one of the actors being considered to be the new Spider-Man, and in my opinion he's a great actor and proved that he can play the Peter Parker role in Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Aunt May Parker - Susan Sarandon

Though before the Amazing Spider-Man movies I would've been against a relatively young May Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man plus the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and comics showed me, a younger May Parker could be interesting, and I think that in the Speed Racer movie Susan Sarandon proved she has the warmth to play May Parker.

Gwen Stacy - Dianna Agron

So, one of Peter's big two loves, Dianna Agron was one of the strongest actors in Glee and also posses a great acting range. I see in Dianna an elegance and class that perfectly fits Gwen, and it must've been something Sony also saw since she was one of the actresses considered to be Gwen in the Amazing Spider-Man.

Mary Jane Watson - Jane Levy

Like Dianna, Jane is a fantastic actress, that for some reason hasn't had a big career after some successful projects (in Jane's case Suburgatory). I think Jane can pull both 616 and Ultimate versions of MJ, she was good in Suburgatory and Amazing in the Evil Dead.

Harry Osborne - Alden Ehrenreich

And yet, another actor who hasnt had the chance to make it big, Alden Ehrenheich has showed he is a strong actor in Stoker, Blue Jasmine and even was one of the strong parts in the flop that was Beautiful Creatures. Though I've mostly seen Alden as a good guy, it would be interesting to see him playing a villain.

Norman Osborne - Sean Bean

Sean Bean is a great, fan favorite and diverse actor, though most of his roles have been either heroes or neutral parties, he has also done a great job as a villain, just watch GoldenEye

J. Jonah Jameson - J. K. Simmons

He IS J. Jonah Jameson, no comments necessary.

Flash Thompson - Zac Efron

Though a couple of years ago I wouldn't imagine myself wanting Zac Efron in a project I was looking forward, Neighbors completely changed my mind. Zac Efron proved in Neighbors that he can be douchey enough to play the bully, and likable enough to redeem himself when the time comes.

So, tell me, who would you like to see in the new Spider-Man? Which characters and which actors?


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