ByMikey Helmick, writer at

The year is 1906, the place, St.Louis, Missouri. The forward pass has just been legalized in football, and the game is about to completely change. On September 5th, 1906 Bradbury Robinson would complete the first forward pass against Carroll College under the coaching of Eddie Couchems. This movie would be wonderful, and could be extremely flexible as well. It could be a drama of sorts, or even a comedy. Football was a deadly game in that time and was even outlawed at one point for a short time, but it was also in the very early stages of its creation. Imagine the follies and crazy antics that must have happened. Also though, think of the implications this time in football had on the future of the sports. With the right cast and crew this movie could go a few different directions. Nestor Carbonell could play Bradbury Robinson in the drama, or James Franco could be him in the comedy version. Either way you went it would be a movie people would be interested in watching because of the popularity of football today and the interest many people have for history.


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