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Kingsman: The Secret Service hits theaters in the US Friday, February 13th!

The film takes Mark Miller and Dave Gibbons' comic book and adapts it for the big screen. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: The Secret Service is the best film to come from the UK to the US since James Bond.

A select few of us here at MoviePilot, myself included, were invited to an EXTREMELY early screening of the film back in December. I went in expecting a good spy film with a few cool action scenes and a couple laughs. I VASTLY underestimated the directing of Matthew Vaughn, who has brought us gems such as Kick Ass and X-Men First Class. I left the theater that night grinning ear to ear, and wanting to see it all over again!

The movie is spectacular! Kingsman is riddled with thrilling action sequences, over the top celebrity cameos, gripping emotional performances, and hilarious comedic relief from start to finish. I'm fairly certain the movie studios told the filmmakers to do whatever they wanted and not to hold back anything with this film, because they certainly didn't.

Before the film began, Director Matthew Vaughn came out to give a quick introduction for Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Thank you all for coming! I have to say this film was a lot of fun to make. This is a very English film...and some of the parts are pretty risqué. So for these moments I'd say, just... just roll with it. Enjoy the film!
-Matthew Vaughn

English people tend to be overly polite, so Ill translate for you Americans out there. He meant that the best moments of his movie are too awesome and violent for a YouTube trailer! Seriously, if you liked Kickass and X-Men First Class, go see Kingsman: The Secret Service!


HERE WE GO! Heres the 6 biggest reasons to see Kingsman: The Secret Service!

1. Samuel L Jackson plays Valentine, the films main villain. Valentine has a lisp and is sickened by the sight of blood. We all know Sam Jackson as the bad m***** f***** that he is, so seeing him play a character with a silly lisp was strangely hysterical. Also, you'd expect the villain of the film to be the most violent, but he gets queasy at the sight of even a drop of blood. Don't worry though! He's got a dangerous sidekick named Gazelle, who has prosthetic legs that can cut a man clean in half! No joke! It happens!

2. The Kingsman organizations origin is actually semi believable. The idea is that years and years ago, Kingsman was a tailor shop. The Kingsman tailors made suits for the worlds most powerful and influential men. Business men, CIA, FBI, politicians, etc, and in turn became powerful people as well. When various wars came about, the heirs of these powerful and successful tailors were all killed. This left the Kingsman tailors with no heirs to their wealth, and an incredible desire to make the world a better place. They operate separately from any known form of government, so they cannot be bought or pressured by anyone.

3. Mark Hamill. In the comic book version, Valentine is kidnapping powerful people to be a part of his evil plot. One of those people is celebrity Mark Hamill. The film changes this character from the comics to a well known college professor named Dr. James Arnold. Who plays this professor? You guessed it! Mark Hamill! He is a fun addition to the film, and his appearance in the movie could be a first of many comeback film roles for Hamill, including of course, Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens.

4. Becoming a Kingsman is the most dangerous job interview in the world. The process to join the Kingsman is very dangerous, and can very well result in death. Upon joining, the applicants have to put their name on a body bag for themselves, just in case. Their various trials are thrilling to watch. Imagine waking up and realizing that your room is flooding and you have about 2 minutes to escape or you'll drown! Or if you jump out of a plane and are told that one of your companions is missing a parachute! Or you are given a puppy and have to train it and bring it everywhere you went, only to have your boss tell you to kill it on a whim months later, just to prove you will do whatever it takes! Imagine Sir Michael Caine giving you a pistol, and saying "Shoot this puppy, or you're fired." CRAZY!

5. Another reason to see this movie is the soon to be infamous "Church Scene". Allow me to paint a picture. A church is filled with the most offensively over the top radical Christians during a service. Im talking racist, sexist, homophobic monsters of people having a service where the priest is shouting how Jesus will smite those who are deemed unworthy. Well Colin Firth was in the church that day investigating the films main villain, Valentine. He found it to be extremely offensive. He goes to leave, when Valentine (Sam Jacksons character), unleashes his secret weapon, but just on the people in the church. This is Valentines test run for his weapon. The weapon works through peoples phones, enhancing their aggression and removing their self control. Everyone in the church has the sudden urge to attack the nearest person, without holding back anything. The scene is probably one of the most graphic and violent mass fighting scenes to ever take place in a church. It is expertly shot, and you can't help but root for Colin Firth's character as he shoots, cuts, and stabs through about 50 church goers, even though he cannot control his murderous actions. The scene is fun, badass, and will have you at the edge of your seat the whole time!

6. The final reason to see Kingsman is HEAD EXPLOSIONS! Samuel L Jacksons character, Valentine, is recruiting powerful people around the world to join him on his crusade. To make sure of their commitment and discretion, he implants each of his followers with an explosive device inside their neck. If anyone betrays him, all he does is flip a switch, and POW! Brains splattered everywhere! Towards the end of the film, ALL of the implanted bombs are triggered... and we see just how far Valentine went with his recruiting. We see an entire crowd of peoples heads exploding in a beautiful firework styled fashion, and then go around the world seeing various celebs with exploding skulls. We even go into the White House bunker and see President Barrack Obama's head explode! Clearly this film is not holding anything back! I wonder if they needed special clearance from the big man himself to film that? HA!

SEE THIS MOVIE! You will NOT be disappointed! Kingsman is a lot of things. An intense spy thriller? Yes. A fun action comedy? Yes. A crazy spinoff of James Bond? Yes. It is all these things and SO MUCH MORE! One thing Kingsman The Secret Service isn't? A BAD MOVIE!

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After reading this, are you seeing Kingsman The Secret Service!?


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