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Everyone has been ecstatic with the recent news of Sony and Marvel's deal to share Spider-Man and integrate him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Our favorite webhead will finally join the ranks of the Avengers. Although, even though some may not admit it, Marvel Studios doesn't really NEED the webhead at this point, but it's exciting nonetheless.

After Sony failed to please as many people as they wanted to with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, they got scared. They shifted release dates for all their movies and didn't know exactly how they could approach their shared Spidey universe in an effective way. They would eventually decide to seek the help of the man himself, Kevin Feige, but it makes you wonder... If Sony had known what they were doing, what great ideas could've come to fruition from an expanded Spider-Man universe?

Interestingly, the spin-offs they had previously announced, including Sinister Six, Venom, and a female-led film, are still in the cards and NOT canceled. What could this mean? Will they be integrated into the MCU? Are they somehow still continuing the Amazing Spider-Man universe in some way? Will they be part of another new, separate shared universe? Will they all be self-contained films? Who knows? We'll have to wait and see on that

Unlike other articles that are speculating on casting choices, theories and more right now, I wanted to take a different angle. I actually enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while recognizing its flaws. I thought that having four shared movie universes based on Marvel characters (MCU, Spidey, X-Men) and DC Characters (DCCU) all going at once would be absolutely incredible and I always wanted to speculate what each studio could do with their properties. But, if it has to be cut down to three so that Spider-Man can have a conversation with Tony Stark and Rocket Raccoon, then I'm all for that. Before this announcement, I had a mental dream slate of a Spider-Man Shared Universe movies that could have actually been very interesting and unique to see. Let's take a journey into the Spider-Verse that never was, and see what Sony missed out on.

The Sinister Six, Venom Carnage, and the female-led movie

Let's start with what was planned already.
Let's start with what was planned already.

Imagine this reality: Sony gets a good creative team to oversee the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe (SMCU). Drew Goddard does an incredible job with The Sinister Six and delivers a very unique and rewarding comic book movie experience that pleases fans and critics alike. It makes up for all the bloated qualities of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by tying up loose ends and not containing too many subplots. Spider-Man could have had at least a cameo appearance or become a major player in the third act, although that wouldn't ENTIRELY be necessary. At least make it obvious to the general audience that this film exists in the same universe as Spider-Man. The franchise has been saved, and Sony regains their confidence.

They then move full steam ahead with their female-led film. Now, this could either have been a Black Cat movie, or a movie with an entire team of female hero characters. For our purposes, we'll just make it a Black Cat movie for now, with that other idea to possibly come into play later. That film could be a heist movie in a way, and possibly develop more side characters for future films, including Miles Morales. Spidey could easily make some appearances.

Enter Venom (or Venom Carnage, if that's what they would call it). They could use any version of the character. Make it a dark but entertaining story. All three of these films would have to at least mention Spider-Man or Peter Parker a few times just to make it clear for casual moviegoers. Plant several seeds for a big climax in the next film...

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4

In 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3', Peter Parker, Black Cat, Venom, and possibly a few more characters are forced to team up to take on The Sinister Six. This would be the climax of a Phase 1 of sorts for the Spider-Man universe. At the end of the movie, Peter decides to pass the mantle on to a young Miles Morales. Then he could get his own film, which would either be titled 'The Amazing Spider-Man 4' OR 'Ultimate Spider-Man.' In that film, you would introduce some new characters, including Madame Web. And this is where it gets absolutely insane. Madame Web introduces the idea of alternate dimensions and other versions of Spider-Man.

A handful of more spin-offs...

Now this is when you do your female team-up movie and possibly other films based on some of these characters such as Silk and Silver Sable. Maybe some other obscure spider-man characters could get a chance to shine in their own films. This is the last stretch of films before everything goes absolutely nuts.

Madame Web may cameo in some movies, and further leave hints and clues of other worlds with other Spider-Men. Which then leads us into...

Alternate Spider-Men films

Just imagine it! A Spider-Man Noir movie! Spider-Man 2099 movie! Introduce a handful of alternate Spideys in their own standalone films, leading towards a massive event film. This would open so many doors and so many endless possibilities. This would give audiences a fresh Spider-Man experience with every trip to the movies. It would be genius.

Then bring them all together...

An interdimensional threat brings these alternate Spideys together in a 'Shattered Dimensions' movie. The ultimate final battle. The 'Infinity War' of this universe. Even Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker would have to suit up again with Miles to help. And you know what a great surprise would be? An older Tobey Maguire Spider-Man joins the battle as well! This film would literally make fanboy's jaws drop. THEN, after it's all over, and everyone goes back to their respective worlds, the camera could pan to Madame Web as she watches the young Peter Parker of the MCU become Spider-Man (it would be post-Infinity War though, with this plan).

Other ideas...

Even with that crazy slate of films, there would still be missed opportunities. What about a condensed version of the Clone Saga? That could launch it's own line of stories as well. That could've been put either before or after the whole alternate Spider-Men movie stream. Other sequels and spin-offs of the alternate worlds would also be possible. I know this entire thing is pretty impractical and probably wouldn't even have happened anyway, but speculation and having fun with it is what being a fan thing is about.

I'm immensely happy that Spider-Man is joining the MCU. It's going to be very exciting. But we will definitely won't ever get that much of an emphasis on Spider-Man, and I wouldn't want it to do that. Marvel Studios has painted a bigger picture, and they don't have time to go through every possible opportunity for a spin-off or sequel or anything of that sort, regardless of what Sony is planning to do with their other films. They have a lot of movies and characters to introduce anyway, and unless they get really ballsy and start putting out 10 movies a year, they're going to take their time with all their properties, and I like that. I really just needed to write down this crazy Spider-Man multiverse plan so it could stop being all cooped up in my head, alone. I feel a lot better now.

What do you think? How would you have constructed a Spider-Verse, if it were still happening? Share your thoughts!


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