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The Flash is out and is amazing. It is a perfect comic book adaptation for the small screens, but are they moving too fast?

As seen in the episode 14 promo above, Barry learns about time travel and it seems like he will try to go off, prompting the entire Flash point paradox. What if that was the second season of The Flash?

Season 1 ends with Barry facing off against the Reverse-Flash and Wells ( I believe there are two of them), and he decides to run back in time to save his mother. He ends up killing Wells for reasoning with him to not go back since Wells knows he went missing and he does not want that to happen again. As you may have seen with Arrow and the Flash, the last minute or so of every episode is amazing and leaves you wanting more. Season 2 of Arrow gave us insight as to what happened the rest of the five years on the Island. What if Arrow and Flash had a Flash point Paradox, where Seasons 2 and 4 of The Flash and Arrow, respectively, took place in the alternate timeline Barry created.

The Arrow Part

So season 4 of Arrow would be Robert Queen as the Arrow, where Green Arrow steals Batman's spot in the Flash point Paradox. Robert Queen survived the Island and Oliver Queen died. Moira is still alive, but is working with Merlyn against Robert Queen, a.k.a the Arrow. This would be the fourth season of Arrow.

The Flash Part

This would be where Barry finds out that something is wrong, meets Robert Queen and works with him to get his powers back. They recruit Felicity and Diggle(who I am not sure if he is GL), and they also get Cisco to try to recreate the Particle accelerator explosion. Then the mid season finales would end with them seeing Reverse Flash(Wells is not present in this timeline because Barry ends up killing him), and then in the finales, Green Arrow shoots an Arrow that kills Reverse Flash and then tells Barry to run. Barry fights his former self along the way while running back, and at the end, we open up to a different world, a world where everyone is still there, just with a few upgrades. Oliver is with Laurel, who has the canary cry built in to her vocal cords, and Sarah is present in this timeline, alive, and is functioning as the White Canary. Oliver still runs Star City. Barry is in a relationship with Iris, and it ends with him at a party where he is introduced to her brother, Daniel and her nephew, Wally West.


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