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Has the series finale of The Flash already been released?

Sorry for my crappy underlining in the photo
Sorry for my crappy underlining in the photo

"Crisis" as in the Crisis on Infinite Earths... During the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" DC Comics crossover, the Flash had ran so fast that he wasted away into pure energy, traveled back in time, and was revealed to be the very bolt of lightning that gave him his powers in the first place.

Is This the CW's plan?

So far this is the strongest lead to the series finale or there is another story line they may be playing at that we got a bit of in the pilot and from time and time again and especially after this weeks episode "The Nuclear Man"... its a fan favorite, a comic readers dream, one of DC's best selling comic story lines of all time... Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm talking about "The Flash Point Paradox"

The Flash Point Paradox
The Flash Point Paradox

Author what's the Flash Point Paradox?

I will tell you reader... the flash point paradox is a story line of the flash that basically shows what would have happened if flash never was struck by lightning and given his powers. In the story we see that the Amazons and the Atlanteans have gone to way with one another and threaten to destroy man kind. What happened to Flash's powers? he never got them. After a fight with Reverse Flash, Barry(who knows he can run through time using the speed force) decides to run through time and save his mother from being murdered. Because of this one small event...Bruce Wayne died in the alley instead of his father and now Thomas Wayne takes up the mantle of the Batman, Wonder Woman kills Mera after Mera tried to assassinate her for finding out that Wonder Woman had slept with Aquaman. She and the Amazons also take over part of Europe after Aquaman had sent a tidal wave to destroy it, Aquaman demands retribution for his wife's death and captures Captain ATOM and uses him as a last resort nuclear weapon, Cyborg works for the government, Superman landed in Metropolis and is taken by the government instead of in the corn field next to the Kent's, and Barry's whole life is changed.. no Iris but Mom, No Flash but still a CSI, ect. The only one to know the world changed is Reverse Flash. Batman(Thomas Wayne) helps Barry recreate the accident to give him his powers back and after he does get his powers back he tries to go back and change what he had done. Just one problem...He cant. Since both Reverse Flash and Flash are actively using the speed force, Barry cant go back. The only solution is to kill Reverse Flash which Thomas Wayne does during the final battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman and before his own death. With Zoom dead and the world basically coming to an end, Barry taps into the speed force and goes back and changes his mistake.

What does that have to do with the show?

Well as seen and said in the show, we see Two speedsters, one yellow and the other red. This was both of them running through time and obviously Reverse Flash thinks Barry's mom has to die. Does he do it to spite Barry or to actually save the world? Harrison Wells is trying to keep the future the way it is but why? Does he want to know where Barry went when he disappears? or is he trying to stop The Flash Point Paradox from happening?


Which Sounds Like a Better Series Finale?


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