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So, [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) comes out on Friday and the amount of buzz surrounding it is absolutely insane! However, two common complaints are that it's not sexual enough or that it doesn't depict S&M accurately. Well, luckily, MTV put together an infographic that really breaks down the statistics - of course I'm talking about the SexStats™. Okay, that's not a real term, but yeah.

I mean, we're talking spanks, lip biting, the amount and duration of every sex scene, and much much more.

A few things stood out to me:

  • We actually see more male nipples than female, but there are more female butts than male butts
  • Anastasia Steele bites her lip a whopping 15 times!
  • It actually takes 30 minutes until the first kiss and 42 WHOLE MINUTES until the first sex scene
  • The movie is damn near two hours long and we get less than 20 minutes of sex?

Check out the super detailed graphic below:

My coworkers who saw an early screening were very impressed with this movie. I think whenever you have this level of hype surrounding your film, there is reason to worry - how can it possibly live up to it? There's no denying, though, that the marketing efforts have been great.

I mean, this billboard... one of the best billboards I've ever seen... is right by my house and I think is pretty close to perfectly describing how people feel about this movie:

You know you're curious! And now that you've seen this graphic, you know exactly when the sex scenes are. So, in other words, you can pretty much not pay attention for like the first 42 minutes.


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