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Keith Prince

Remakes/reboots whatever you want to call them, STOP IT! Hollywood has become bogged down with them, and to be completely honest I find myself sitting down thinking like most of you I'm sure, "Why?"

Has Hollywood's ability to tap into the imagination department become so dry that the only "NEW" ideas are that of mainly Horror directors/writers? Why are writers for the silver screen struggling so hard to write anything new and creative.

Now don't get me wrong you have films that have come out that I think are still fresh and new and inviting. I am not saying that all of Hollywood has dried up and died; but it's very far and few between that really grip you with a new and fresh story, and yes I too enjoy the Marvel/DC world of comics but when those are the only films you seek out... Well there is a problem.

Here is just a small list of some movies they have set to be remade, and or rebooted:

  • The Crow
  • An American Werewolf In London
  • Drop Dead Fred
  • The Neverending Story
  • American Psycho
  • The Warriors
  • Porky's
  • Little Shop Of Horror (Don't worry Glee Prod/Writer is involved here. *Sarcasm*)
  • Lethal Weapon
  • Dirty Dancing

That's just to name a few I could go on but really why bother the list is depressing some of the movies listed above are Classics and should not be touched. I mean look at some of the names up there. Patrick Swayze hasn't even been gone a decade and they are already trying to remake the mans work.

So let me know how you feel in the comments below, do you feel Hollywood is dry of originality and this is it a sad world of cinema remakes & super hero films, or is there hope somewhere out there?

Also some films I agree deserve a revamping which ones do you think have earned a re-polishing?


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