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Well for my first post I thought we could go retro for a moment. Howard the duck a wisecracking, cigar smoking, duck from duckworld. In my opinion it was a movie before its time. A Howard the duck movie with our technology today I think would be awesome. Which brings me to the reason I decided to make him my first post, the guardians of the Galaxy end credits showed him that was cool. I for one would love to see a Howard the duck movie. I mean in a world with talking raccoons and giant fighting ninja turtles why not have a duck. I think it would be so cool for him to be in a movie again.

Which kinda makes me wonder what was the reasoning for James Gunn and crew to have him in the guardian's end credits. Could you fathom the possibilities of a rocket raccoon and Howard team-up. The funny possibility of him trying to figure out what Groot is saying, or maybe him teaming up with the avengers during the infinity wars. Maybe him and hulk teaming up. Hulk like duck hulk no smash. Well rather it was just a cameo or there is a movie coming out with him we just have to wait and see but I personally would watch it.


What do you think? Would you like to see ahoward the duck movie?


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