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As he lay dying, Kim Jong-il imparted upon his son his powers, his wisdom, and his iron will to bend the people of his country to his will. More than that, he passed on his dream, his vision, of extending that iron will to encompass the entire world. But, as we have learned throughout history, and was summed up by the change in Hydra's tactics as described in The Winter Soldier, this iron will was not something that could merely be enacted. Rather, it must be implemented on many fronts - both from a direct position of strength, as well as a subtle clandestine infiltration, slowly but surely taking control of the larger world bit by bit.

Every great caper film has shown us that it's not enough to have a plan - the Law (and the Audience) is too smart for that. Thomas Crowne had his Greek Horse, Danny Ocean had his FBI van, and Charlie Croker made a deal with the mob. Even Gordon Bombay had his triple-deke. A really good plan makes us think that it has failed, or perhaps accomplished something else entirely...all to draw us away from the true goal that was intended all along. Magicians call it misdirection, and Kim Jong-il is a Master of Misdirection. He plays the fool with Dennis Rodman while plotting global attacks. He denies the Sony hack, but struggles to hide his knowing smile. And this is all a part of a greater plan, more cunning and ingenious than we ever knew.

For in addition to his wish for a world ruled by the "Democratic" People's Republic, Kim Jong-il whispered to his son that he regretted not being alive to see Peter Parker and Steve Rogers share the silver screen.

That's right. North Korea is responsible for Spider-man joining the MCU. And we all have Kim Jong-il to thank.

As with so many things, in hindsight, once it's all laid out in front of us, it's so simple. It's an elementary procedure to trace the plot back to it's source. Kim Jong-un's goal was not to take down some second-rate Franco movie. Arguably, he saved Sony from itself by making that disaster of a flick something other than itself - he made it news. Big, shiny, distracting news. But that was only the beginning.

Because once Kim Jong-un hacked into Sony, he knew that Spider-man's addition to the MCU was being discussed at the highest levels...and that talks were breaking down. And who was at the center of this discussion? The co-chairman of the Sony Pictures Entertainment Division - Amy Pascal. So he concocted a plot so intricate and diabolical, we never saw it coming until it was too late. By attacking a minor and innocent comedy that no one would miss anyway, he showed the weaknesses of the Sony infrastructure. It was only a matter of time before Pascal would have a target painted on her back and take the fall.

She was the link - the bridge between The Interview and the Spider-man property. With her out of the way and with Sony's bottom line at risk and feelings of vulnerability running rampant, talks could resume between Marvel and Sony.

Just like that, with no one the wiser as to the true architect, Kim Jong-il's dying wish of Spider-man in a Marvel movie could come true.

And North Korea's attempts to expand it's control over the movie industry in America snakes its way into Marvel, into Disney.

We were afraid that future movie producers would feel a pinch whenever an unpopular or unPC movie came down the pipeline, and we feared that North Korea's influence would be felt in second-guessed decisions and cancelled projects. But it's so much more than that.

Kim Jong-un is responsible for Spider-man joining the MCU.


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