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When we all saw the first trailer for Arkham Origins, we experienced gleeful batgasms for several months.

Yes, I'll be making a lot of those jokes, and no, you don't get an apology.

The problem was that we didn't really want to like the game when it came out. Not only was it an origin story, it was also - God forbid - produced by WB Montreal and not Rocksteady.

Also, some of us were a little sore from [Man of Steel](movie:15593) (an arguably excellent movie - go ahead, stone me to death for saying that), which pushed our ability to take in realism in superhero movies to the absolute limit - how dare they make Superman like an actual human being, capable of making mistakes?

But that's an entirely different article. The point is, people felt butthurt about their childhood being "butchered" by a story, soundtrack and costume that wasn't dark and gritty, but dark and gritty when compared to this:

On my planet, we wear our underwear on the outside.
On my planet, we wear our underwear on the outside.

And this:

My mom said cowlicks are cool.
My mom said cowlicks are cool.

And so on.

So when Arkham Origins, which featured a dark and gritty voice actor (save for the fact that he played Sonic), yet had prettier graphics which didn't seem to match the tone, came along, most of us had one thing on our minds:




In fact, a lot of us bashed the game, calling it a glitchy, unoriginal piece of batshit.

See, I did it again.

The Accusation

Here are the arguments of the haters condensed into short quotes.

"gL1+c#35. Dammit, I meant glitches! Can't you see what I'm talking about?!?"


"Boring, recycled combat, boring, recycled challenges, boring, recycled gadgetry, boring, recycled storyline, boring, recycled dialogue, boring, recycled Zimmer music, and... Did I mention it was boring and recycled? Well, it was boring and recycled."

The Defense

I'd like to point out that we have no idea how long Asylum was developed, but City had two years and three months to be completed, while Origins had only one year and eleven months. Four months after its release, all of the glitches were fixed anyway, and if you're telling me that you still had problems, then consider whether they were any worse than in City, which has forced me to restart my system on various occasions, something Origins has only done once.

Of course, the glitches are subjective and nobody can be right in that area, regardless of the development time parameter that WB Montreal was given.

The combat design and gadgetry was already a double-edged sword from the beginning. Gamers who wanted things to be changed severely complained, "This is boring. Give us something new." Interestingly, the same gamers complained when new things were given to them.

"This rips off of Just Cause 2, and it's a win-button."

Well why the fuck do you think they made I Am The Night mode?

Seriously, were it not for the remote claw and shock gloves, some stages of IATN would have been almost literally impossible - and this is coming from a guy with the Platinum Trophy.

Aside from my desire to rant, let me make it clear that the combat and gadgetry design were a complete trap.

Moving on, those who criticized the story and dialogue should think twice, first of all remembering that it's much better than in The Dark Knight Rises, but also taking into account that Arkham Origins doesn't play hackeysack with the laws of physics like the other two - instead, it cleverly uses them as chess pieces.

While Asylum and City both had massive man-eating plants, with the first having magical fear gas and the second having magical rejuvenation and a comically big shark,

Bah-dum. Bah-dum. Bahdum bahdum bahdum... Batman!
Bah-dum. Bah-dum. Bahdum bahdum bahdum... Batman!

The worst Origins had was a couple of inherently or chemically 'roided out guys, a jet-pack, an ice-blaster if you count the DLC story (which is, by the way, far better than Harley Quinn's Revenge) and the same gliding-with-holes-in-the-cape that the first two had.

Meanwhile, the story and dialogue themselves stayed more true to the Animated Series and, most importantly, the comics, with itsy-bitsy-batsy Killing Joke references here and there, and a more classic look for Killer Croc and even the Joker.

As for the score, which bothered a few people with its Inception bwaaahs, stop thinking that Hans Zimmer invented that, and understand that it's also just a modern music element for some reason, and honestly quite acceptable, especially because they played strings over it.

I''ll close with a note: I don't think my opinion is the end-all opinion regarding anything, even if I may seem like it, and you shouldn't think the same of yours.

This has been my first Moviepilot article, so please, let me know if I made any spelling mistakes, or if you hated it. Thanks for reading!


What did you think of Arkham Origins?


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