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“How you doin?”

The recent resurgence of the renowned “Must See” sitcom, Friends, continues with yet another development. Starting March 5th, the show will debut in high definition (HD) on the syndicated stations that carry the reruns., in a recent article, cited programming executive Sean Compton as saying the move will likely boost ratings.

To date, the syndicated Friends installments have run in standard definition (SD). According to Compton, in an HD era, watching the SD reruns is like “going from first-class to coach.”

Warner Brothers felt the upgrade was necessary to the keep the show competitive to the stations where the episodes still airs. Nonetheless, the task of boosting the visuals was massive. Each of the two hundred thirty-six episodes as well as the one thousand promo spots were boosted to HD standards, offering what Warner Brothers believes is a “brighter, cleaner, sharper, sexier view.”

It’s been a busy time for the show, which last year observed both the twentieth anniversary of its debut and the tenth of its final original air date.

If that weren’t enough, in January it launched in its entirety, and in HD, Netflix streaming. Many of the episodes had been cut down for syndication and lost episodes or, as some say, lost portions of episodes, near the end of the run, are restored.

This is important because…


…Joey and Rachel, instead of nearly becoming a couple, actually hook up for a time.

This was to become part of a package of bonus material in the show’s Bu-ray release but inexplicably was missing.

The latest development in the show is expected to be about the last…for the time being. During last year’s deluge of media for its anniversary observance, it was made quite clear that there will never be a reunion show or a movie.

There were numerous reasons but Marta Kauffman, one of the show’s producers, said it best. “We just felt like this show is about a certain time in your life, and once you’re past that time in your life, the show is over.”

So, for the time being, fans are to be content with binge-watching reruns in the highest available quality.

How cool is that?


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