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What seemed liked a dream is now closer than ever to becoming reality. I pushed the hashtag and the Cinematic Comic Gods have answered. We can now all hold hands and sing the Spider-Man theme song together...

Or can we?

It's seems many across the internet world have taken it upon themselves to lead a crusade to try and get Marvel to change the identity of Spider-Man from Peter Parker to a more newer known character, while some call for a fresh change, others use the idea of racial equality as the basis of their argument.

It's a serious issue that deserves a serious response. I hope that after reading this article you & I might have a better understanding and Who knows, maybe you'll change your mind and support a fresh reboot of Spider-Man with Peter Parker.


A long time ago, at a convention or a comic seminar I was speaking with artists trying to get into the comic business. One of them, being a fresh newcomer, asked an established artist "How do I get a job at Marvel?", and the artist replied "You don't go to Marvel, Marvel comes to you."

It makes me laugh whenever you hear these reports of actors saying they'd like to play such and such character in a Marvel film. What is your reaction when you see that? Of course, who wouldn't want to be in a Marvel film! They are million dollar cash cows and hits. Every sane person on the planet wants to be a part of that. For now, we are regulated as fans but with Marvel both Comics & Studio, it goes beyond who you know. They recognize talent where others might miss it and when they want, they will find you, come for you, and take you. You will be injected with the Secret Super Stan Lee serum and the Marvel gods will embrace you into their bosom.


Marvel has had a long history of breaking boundaries. When Black Panther premiered in 1966 he was the first black superhero in American comics. Soon after the Falcon was created to fight side by side with Captain America. They defied the Comics Code and brought attention to drug abuse and social awareness. During the second feminist wave, a plethora of female heroes took center stage.

Today The Studio's casting of Samuel L. Jackson as Sgt. Fury turned some heads but his emergence from the shadows of Tony Stark's home convinced us on the spot. In the comics, Falcon has taken the shield to become the new Captain America as well as a soon to be named woman who has raised the hammer o become the new Thor. Captain Marvel will be a perfect addition the first female led film for the Cinematic Universe to go along with the amazing female led television shows in that of Agent Carter & Agents of SHIELD. I'd say Marvel not only takes great care in bringing real world issues into their comic franchises so it's safe to bet that they will gradually do the same for the Cinematic Universe.


Toby, Andrew, take a bow... Now get the heck out of the way. I will always commend Sony for being the first to bring Spidey to the screen at a time when Batman was wearing thin and prospects of a well done web slinger film were just years of speculation and failed negotiations. Back in the day when we were all learning to go on the paper there wasn't this great thing you all call the internet, info came in the form of monthly magazines and price guides and the rare Kurt Loader news report. The same way many of you never could have seen a Spider-Man/Avenger team up film, for a time was the same way people felt about a Spider-Man movie. Special Effects were just not ready for it. When the time was right Sony took advantage and marked their territory in the Superhero Films Race. I won't go as far as to say to first modern incarnations of Spider-Man on film weren't' good because they were great when we first encountered them, but now that we've seen what Marvel can do, now that we've had time to compare them objectively over a long period of time we can say that those Sony films pale in comparison, and now in the hands of Marvel they will create a sustainable series that will open the door for an even greater MCU.


I know this might be hard for the majority of us to grasp, especially all of us with the attention span of a gnat. Who can't sit still for more than a millisecond... I know you want to think that you saw Spider-Man, cause Sony told you you did and you saw this famous actor wear the red and blue tights famously associated with the wall crawler. I know. I know because I was there with you.

But that wasn't Spider-Man.

That wasn't Spidey, that wasn't even Peter Parker.

What we witnessed was someone's interpretation of what Spider-Man might look like if Marvel had decided to make a Spider-Man movie. CG and cinematography were up to the task, Sony got the hottest young actor in Toby Maguire and the hottest young actress in Kirsten Dunst, made them kiss in the rain and they were on their way. Sony then regurgitated the same idea twice obviously unaware of the magician number one rule

Marvel has proven it can make great films. By now we should all know that they are best suited to handle their own characters. They stay true to their origins within the frame of film and have been near flawless with castings. Sony ran the well dry. They didnt know anything else because they didn't bother to further explore Spidey until the deadline was upon the m and they had to react rather than be proactive. They don't write comic books for living.


Honestly that's kinda, jerk. I mean let's be real. This company has been fighting to regain creative control of it's own original characters for years. It still is. Spider-Man is company's greatest character. I know Cap was first, Fantastic 4 changed the game and X-men was revolutionizing but Spidey is their #1 hitmaker. And he's been held hostage for decades. He's finally released or at least given the opportunity to visit family and many of you are like no, we don't want you to visit your family. We want someone else to visit your family even though we don't really care and we are gonna spend the money either way.

Remember that part in Cast Away after Tom Hanks is rescued and when he's left to himself in his hotel room he's only got seafood to eat...yeah exactly....

Marvel has a plan for Spider-Man. Let them work.


Have you have tried to make a cake from the middle? You can't! That's just crazy talk! You not only have the right ingredients but also the right temperature and preferably a kitchen aid mixer and this $8.00 butter from Germany that they sell in the back of Mallmart. Point being, Spider-Man is the main ingredient to all the other characters you all so desperately want to see in the big screen. We haven't even finished Phase 2 people, this is going to be a process, so just pull up a chair next to me, grab a chocolate chip granola bar and watch this edible goodness rise to what will become an insatiable treat for all of us to savor!


There is no arguing this fact. I don't care what multi-Universe excuse you want to drop, face it, there is only one Universe (616) and that is why Marvel is killing all the other Universes in the comics. They realized that it got out of hand and they need to consolidate before it swallows itself whole. Right now you can't expand the Cinematic Universe cause they Avengers just formed. Many keep wanting to add what Sony & Fox have done as part of the MCU because they are Marvel's characters but you have to remind yourself that they are not part of the MCU. Marvel has to retain canon and you can't brush aside Peter Parker's on the basis of whatever reason you have. All of that is irrelevant. Whats matter is who was first, only and real Spider-Man and that was Peter Parker.


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Never forget that Sony's Amazing Spider Man 1 &2 & beyond were previously created to keep the rights away from Marvel, plain and simple.Now, Marvel has extended an arm out to them when they didn't have to.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer -Godfather II


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