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On the Wednesday, February 12 episode of @midnight, host Chris Hardwick (and host of the Talking Dead) had special guests from the Walking Dead as panelists. The panel included Lauren Cohen (Maggie Greene), Josh McDermitt (Eugene) and writer of TWD comic and series Robert Kirkman.

For those who are not familiar with @midnight, Hardwick gives the panel (normally comedians) bits and pieces from the internet and asks them to make jokes, pick which obscure article actual exists, or come up with things that would fit a certain hashtag. One segment that happens on every episode is a sort of lightning round where the panel is given a topic and are asked to come up with as many 3-word-cringe-worthy statements, ridiculous jobs on LinkedIn, etc. to earn points.

In honor of TWD, Hardwick proposed a "Walking Dead Spoiler" round in which he asked them to name some "fake spoilers" of the upcoming season. Some of them were obviously not serious answers like "Michonne has been played by Chris Hardwick all along," "The group finds a Chili's and has a nice meal" and others. However, one of Robert Kirkman's answers definitely stood out as something that could happen and has possibly already been hinted at.

Negan w/ Lucille
Negan w/ Lucille
"Eventually a character named Negan is introduced and he's going to bash Glenn's brains in with a baseball bat named Lucille" - Robert Kirkman on @midnight Feb. 12

Like I said before, Hardwick asked them to say fake spoilers. So what does that say for the possibility of Negan coming onto the show? After this weekend's mid-season premiere, a lot of speculation has come up when Glenn does this:

Screen capture from TWD Episode 5.09
Screen capture from TWD Episode 5.09

For those familiar with TWD comic books, you understand the significance to the equation: Negan + Bat = bad news for Glenn. For everyone else, Kirkman (and I) just ruined this horrific death of a character (like I said before - spoilers).

A lot of people think that Glenn picking up this bat is a prelude to the introduction of Negan. However, when Kirkman makes this joke, it seems like he is trying to shoot down the fan speculations (or maybe he just wants to mess with Maggie in front of a studio audience). The show has not exactly followed the comic series page by page and letter by letter. Sure, there have been plenty of nods to the comic like the death of Hershel's head.

Hershel from the show - Tyrese from the comics
Hershel from the show - Tyrese from the comics

But in other ways, TWD series has become its own universe entirely (Daryl Dixon existing for instance). With all this in mind, what can we expect in the episodes to come? One thing that is guaranteed is that the writers and creators of TWD are amazing at keeping audiences guessing. We can all speculate as to what will happen and even if those predictions happen, it's normally not in the way we imagined. I guess only time will tell.


Did Kirkman give us a real spoiler for this show?


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