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"What's the point? They're all the same: Some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can't act..." - Sidney Prescott
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No, Tatum's death scene is definitely not on this list. I posted that picture in order to remind readers of what a real Scream death is; how much potential it has.

Unfortunately, Hollywood does get it wrong sometimes. Directors get it wrong sometimes. Even the great God, Wes Craven, gets it wrong sometimes. In other words, there have been many deaths in the best film franchise ever made (yes, best) that I do not approve of.

Such as...

#10 "The franchise depends on my death, but you never really get to see me die..." (Pre-Scream - Maureen Prescott)

Yepp... That's as close as we're going to ever get to Maureen Prescott's murder. Considering the fact that Maureen is the foundation of all that is Scream, shouldn't we have at least had a flashback of her death scene (especially since there were flashbacks, already?) It was described as very gruesome, so why not show us?


#9 "De ja vu doo, anyone?" (Scream 3 - Tyson Fox)

Hmmm... Something isn't right here. One film later, they decide to replicate a death but change the gender/race of the victim? The unfortunate part is this isn't the first time Scream recycled their own material...

Remember how in Scream 4, the 'next step in psycho innovation is filming the murders'? Well, wasn't that already done in Scream 2? Tsk, tsk...

#8 "Worst kill in the Stab franchise." (Scream 4)


No really... Shouldn't this scene have been a bit more realistic? I mean, come on! Would you just look at the girl! Not such a pretty little liar, after all...

And before you say, "it's meant to be satirical since it's Stab!" then please refer to Anna Paquin's death scene. You may reconsider your opinion.

#7 "Boyfriend, killer, boyfriend, killer." (Scream 2 - Derek)

Was this meant to be religious symbolism? (Derek is Jesus?) I don't know what exactly it is about this kill that bothers me, but it simply doesn't seem very Scream-y. Ghostface's M.O. is always a knife, so what's with the gun? It just totally threw me off.

It's nothing personal, Wes... It's just that I know you can do better.

#6 "Vertigo, hello!" (Scream 3 - Sarah Darling)

We all love Jenny McCarthy, but this kill was just plain old confusing! So like wait... Did the door kill her, because I'm stumped. But being stabbed once in the back does not frickin' constitute a death!

Take the next kill, which takes the exact same approach, for instance...

#5 "Wait... Is that Serena's mom from Gossip Girl?!" (Scream 3 - Christine Hamilton)

This was just plain ridiculous. Even in Wes Craven's realm of suspension of disbelief, should we (as an audience) actually believe that Christine was killed from a single stab wound to the back? Without going into the biological aspects of the situation, it just doesn't scream Scream.

Not to mention, she has the most horrible scream in all Scream history.

#4 "Since when did the elderly fall under Ghostface's kill list?" (Scream 4 - Mrs. Roberts)

Now what happened here, Wes? Was it your intent to kill the living dead? This woman was sixty-years-old when this film came out, for Christ sake! I mean, we get it... She's Sidney's aunt. But she could've easily been in her 40's!

And did you really have to make her push that door? That poor old woman! Did you not see how much she struggled? I don't know if this is your idea of a sick joke, but please, leave the elderly alone! (On the positive, at least she'll never get to know what a deranged sociopath her daughter was.)

#3 "The problem of not make the cutting room floor..." (Scream 4 -Marnie Cooper)

Like, seriously Wes? Us finding out that one of the girls is dead by having her body flung through a door? Come on now! In the original, we saw Steven Orth and Casey Becker get their intestines ripped out. In the sequel, we got to see Phil Stevens get stabbed in the head and Jada Pinkett Smith slaughtered in the middle of a crowded theater. We even got to witness the poor Cotton Weary slaughtered in Scream 3... But this? Like, WTF?!

Now all of us die-hard Scream fans know that this wasn't your original intent or else the original Marnie death scene would've made it to my Top 10 Scream Kills since the girl meets the proper demise that she deserved... But did we deserve this MPAA-slaughtered version? I think not.

THIS is how Marnie's death was supposed to go down-

#2 "The one where Wes decides to to throw in an explosion for no reason whatsoever." (Scream 3 - Tom Prinze)

Was I the only one that found this death scene outrageously ridiculous?! And to think, hundreds of thousands of dollars went in to this disgrace of a kill! Who on earth would go back into a dark and deserted house, while being pursued by the killed, just to see what some psychopath is faxing over?! Really, Wes... Really?

And other Scream fans actually have the audacity to hate me for liking Scream 3 the least! Pshht.

#1 "The best character in Scream dies?! Really, Wes?"(Scream 2 - Randy Meeks)

Why Wes, whyyy! I loved Randy. We loved Randy. Even YOU loved Randy! So what happened here, bro?! For the shock value? Well guess what- We weren't shocked... We were down-right PISSED. And then bringing him back in Scream 3 for only a two-minute cameo? What a stupid move! (That I enjoyed very much, so thank you for that.)

All jokes aside though, Scream really is one of the best horror franchises out there. So let's stop being negative for a moment, shall we, and click here for a list of 10 amazing kills from the Scream series!

Now tell me... What do you guys think? Which kill was your least favorite? Lay it on me, Movie Piloteers!


Which was your least favorite kill in the Scream franchise?


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