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Many nerds and readers know the works of Robert Jordan, a brilliant mind, since passed into the beyond. But what isn't really known is that there was a television show this last weekend made on his Wheel of Time series.

I sat through the entire thing, long, boring, hardly any meat to it. Not to mention the use of terms, places, and people that are never explained nor seen. Abysmal is what I would call it. This is supposed to be a prequel to the prequel from what I understand and not a very good one at that.

Spoilers! If you haven't watched and plan to please do that first, but be warned there are commercials and a lot of boring moments.

One we go.

First of all Billy Zane.

Remember him from Titanic and Charmed, and the dreadful Scorpion King 3 movie? Well he spends a lot of time on screen here, as one of the TWO main character, well really one of only two.

The rest are in the background and have no lines.

Not only is he a headliner in the episode, he produced it. Now this would be fine if there had been more than just the shouting of names and the repetition of simple lines. The only person who had any depth was the narrator....And the sequencing there, well, watch and see. It's like low quality PS2 graphics which would be fine if the series were animated, but it is not.

Now Billy does not get all of the blame for this failure, no the majority lies upon the company who invested its time to make this, mind you, without permission for Jordan's widow nor his Estate. Universal was given the rights to do a series back in 2009, but alas, their name was no where near this, and good thing for them too. Though they will undoubtedly gain lash back for this pilot. Red Eagle Entertainment is responsible for the single episode. This was done in an attempt to retain the rights to the well loved book series that as of Wednesday February 11th 2015 revert back to the estate.

With this in mind I say that this should have been done right or not at all. High budget over the top, not low brow and swept almost totally under the rug. I would like to see this done right, but now is not the time with game of thrones running the screens. Perhaps, if The Wheel of Time was on during the game of thrones off season in the same slot then the two shows could work in tandem to manipulate and torture the hearts and minds of fans. (I know your tricks Game of Thrones! And I will not stop watching).

But tell me what you think of this idea and episode down below.


Was it really that bad?


Should this be tried again?


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