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Well, if you are not excited for this movie then let this article help you!

Hey guys! So Furious 7 is nearby and this movie already has me pumped up! But some people are still very negative about the series and are very skeptical of the movie's upcoming sequel. Well if YOU are one of those skeptical people, then I want you to continue reading this article! Here are some of my points that will prove the epic-ness of this summer blockbuster.

New additions to an Ensemble/All Star Cast

Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!

Well Fast and The Furious series is known for having an all star cast but this time some additions like Jason Statham as Ian Shaw, Expendables 3 actress Ronda Rousey, Game of Thrones actress Nathalie Emmanuel , bollywood actor Ali Fazal and two time Oscar nominated actor Djimon Hounsou will make this movie a ride to remember! A

Also this will be fan favorite Paul Walker a.k.a Brian o'Conner's last movie appearance and by looking at the comments made by fellow co-stars, we can safely speculate the possibility that this time he has delivered a hell of a performance!

New Cars


Well Fast and the Furious series is mostly remembered for its fast and epic-ly awesome cars. But this time they have stepped a level further and this time with the help of real life like CGI the have made one of the most epic car involving action sequences. Well a fast car, jumping out of a window with explosions at the back seems impossible to you? Then check out this super bowl TV spot and see for yourself!

James Wan

James Wan is the creative mind behind Insidious , The Conjuring and Saw. Whether you like these movies or not the trailer of Furious 7 gives a pretty cool glimpse of what we can expect from this man!

There are rumors that the cast has said that "James Wan is the best of all directors of the Fast and The Furious series" and "it was the best fast and furious experience!" but who are they to judge! Just check the trailer and decide yourself!



The action stars of the movie are Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson and Jason Statham the trailer was full of carefully directed action sequences which blend Dwyane's WWE style and Statham's transporter type action, which I think will not cease to amaze. James Wan's direction with action is a pretty risky move by Universal studios but with a highly experienced action unit hired for the movie, it is safe to say that the action, if not awesome, will at least be good!

Story Line

Vengeance hits home!
Vengeance hits home!

Well Fast and Furious is known for emphasizing the "family" in the movie which is the only thing that the audience can emotionally get hooked too. But this time, Ian Shaw (Statham) a highly trained assassin tries his best to cause some disruptions in the peace among the "family"! Seeking revenge for his brother's death and putting the entire crew in danger once more is Ian's mission! But that is not the end of it, the crew is also looking out for Han's killer (again, Statham) before he finds them first!

So what do you guys think? Will Furious 7 be one of the best movie of the year? Tell me in the comments below and please do leave a vote in the poll below!


What do you guys think? Will Furious 7 be one of the best movie of the year?


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