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Hank Pym vs. Tony Stark

There have been some questions as to why Marvel didn't schedule [Ant-Man](movie:9048) to be released before [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). After all, Michael Douglas is playing Hank Pym in Ant-Man, the guy who created Ultron, right? Maybe so in the annals of Marvel's sacred tomes but it's not the case in the all mighty MCU.

I'm a big fan of Hank Pym and I'm interested to see what kind of history they'll be giving his character in Ant-Man, but the reason he isn't the creator of Ultron appears pretty straightforward when looking at what is in store for Tony Stark.

A War Is Brewing

Yes, like many things with Avengers 2, there is that looming Civil War in Captain America 3 that can't be avoided. Making Iron Man the creator of Ultron makes sense not only to give Tony Stark a bit of a guilty feeling when faced with the destruction and devastation that Ultron will bring, but having your enemy refer to you as "Father" makes for some good drama as well.

There is a solid rumor going around that we'll see a young Hank Pym and Howard Stark palling around with some proto Ant-Man technology at the beginning of that movie, but since Ant-Man is being released after Avengers 2, it's looking rather definitive that Hank will be able to rest easy that he didn't have any hand in this nasty Ultron business.

With Great Power...

Tony Stark is going to have a heavy heart when the Civil War raises its ugly head. He is Ultron's dad and this thing he created did cause massive amounts of damage upon the world. Maybe some government oversight is a good idea... Maybe someone should be making sure Tony Stark doesn't go making every idea that pops in his head a reality. There will be a good reason that he takes the Registration side of the debate.

Comes Great Responsibility

It very much fits into the ongoing story as well. While Avengers 2 will be introducing some new characters - and probably killing off one or two as well - it would make the story of Ultron less dramatic if he were created by someone else other than Tony Stark. Iron Man is the one who's been wrestling with his creations since the very first Iron Man. But, most importantly, it's the reason why Ultron goes straight for Tony when he learns how to cut those strings.

There's a great legacy in the movies of monsters turning on their creators and become resentful of them, and Ultron looks to be adding another page to that story. He's going to be the one to show Tony that he's gone too far, that he has too much power and that there needs to be a Superhuman Registration Act to prevent this kind of thing from ever happening again.

This move in the MCU might be bumping Hank Pym down a notch in the grand scheme of things, but hey, at least he'll be able to sleep a little easier than Tony Stark when that robot apocalypse starts up.


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