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TV’s most stylish drama will soon begin airing its absolute final season. Part two; season seven of [Mad Men](series:200778) kicks off on Sunday, April 5th.

Not much has been publicly discussed on how the show will finish nor are there even any rumored spoilers but show creator Matthew Weiner, in a recent appearance at the annual gathering of the Television Press Critics Association, claimed the end of the road will focus on the six characters played by Jon Hamm (Don Draper); John Slattery (Roger Sterling); Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell); Elizabeth Moss (Peggy Olson); Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris) and January Jones (Betty Draper).

The Mad Men production team has historically been tight-lipped about storyline details however one rumored storyline that Weiner emphatically-denied is that character Meghan Draper (Jessica Pare) would be murdered in the Manson family clan rampage.

Since the show, about the lives of people employed at a Madison Avenue, New York advertising firm in the 1950s and 1960s has played amid the backdrop of actual historical events in that time span.

Fans and media pundits noted a number of similarities in the character and the late actress, Sharon Tate, who lost her life in the grisly slayings.

While Weiner acknowledged the similarities, he denied the rumor, calling the connections “flimsy and thin.”

Another notion he put to rest was any idea of an eventual spin-off. “No chance. This is it.”

In the Meantime, fans of the show can have their crack at re-creating a scene from the series pilot episode. Available at, 154 scenes from the first show are available to be recreated and uploaded to the internet.

The deadline for the re imagined cuts is March 5th. The fan-created pilot release is expected to be the same date as the final season premiere.

Get the Fedora, smokes and booze ready. What are you waiting for?

Time to move on.
Time to move on.

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