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Most romantic comedies tend to leave it you to fill in the post-movie blank. We kind of take it for granted that if we saw our star-cross lovers kiss, it probably means they're going to be together forever. However, as we all know, things are rarely that simple.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching like the over-commercialised-heart-shaped-cushion-shilling holiday it is, MTV decided to ask a psychologist, Dr. Lawrence Rubin of St. Thomas University in Miami, which romantic comedy couples could actually make it. Here are five such couples:

Karen and Harry - Love Actually: Disaster Awaits

According to Dr. Rubin, the tragic relationship between the long-time married couple Karen and Harry could be nearing its breaking point. He explained:

Finding the necklace could have been a stimulus for change and it just depends on the extent to which they think the relationship is retrievable — but not from where it left off. I think their challenge is greater because they have to rebuild from the foundation. I think it was 30 years of scarves, and kids, and other commitments and I think their challenge is far greater because I think their foundation was weak for many, many years... My guess is that they’re not going to [make it], my hope is that they will, only if they recognize how much work really has to be done to rebuild the fabric, not just put some patches and some stitches.

Prime Minister David and Natalie, Love Actually: The Real Thing

Dr. Rubin is much more optimistic when it comes to David and Natalie, stating:

I love them both, I would marry either one of them!” Rubin said, adding a strong vote of confidence for the couple. “I think the playfulness of [the relationship] will liberate him. You know, he did that Tom Cruise scene, dancing down the steps with the music. So, he is a very serious high-level powerful world stage politician who hasn’t abandoned his playfulness and I think that was attractive to him in her and I think that is really a plus for longevity in a relationship... Her, I don’t think she’d give a s–t if he was cleaning the streets of London or leading the world. I think she loves the guy. I think it’s genuine, I think it’s real, you know, as real as it could be, and I have great hopes that he will retire from politics and they will live in a charming little cottage in the English countryside somewhere and they’ll have, you know, three little ones.

Harry and Sally, When Harry Met Sally: A Rocky Start That Built A Solid Foundation

Although Harry and Sally didn't always have the most straight-forward or easy relationship, Dr. Rubin actually believes this could help things in the future.

I think it has a potential to last because they really climbed mountains together and, you know, it wasn’t easy-going, and they had to fight for each other, and fight with themselves to open up to each other. I think the relationship was front-loaded with a lot of work. And I think for that reason it has a really solid foundation... You know, they didn’t meet at a bar and get laid. They didn’t meet online with all kinds of illusions and delusions. I think they had to put a lot of ghosts and demons to bed, or at least in place, in order to get to the point of really connecting. So for that reason I think it can last.

Anna and William, Notting Hill: An Uncertain Future

The future for Notting Hill couple Anna and William isn't quite as clear either. They certainly could grow old together, but Dr. Rubin thinks it will require some hard work on Anna's part.

I don’t know about this one yet. She has some issues to work out. You know, she is trying to make peace with her mortality and her commonness. She wants very much, I think, to be him. I think she wants a simple life. I think she has aspired all her life and has achieved global celebrity, so I think there is this dichotomy in her that she wants the simplicity and anonymity but she has also been bathed in the glow of Hollywood for decades and she is comparing herself to Garbo and Dietrich. So, I think she’s got demons and it’s going to be a tough life for him... I think she wants it but she’s going to fight against it. She might even have to leave the cinema in order to have what she really wants. So, I think for her it’s going to be a matter of choosing dreams. For him, his dream is simple, you know, simple little bookshelf in downtown London with someone who loves him unconditionally. I think he’ll always be that stabilizing force.

Mona Lisa and Vinny, My Cousin Vinny: Life-Long Lovers

Dr. Rubin explains, that even though Mona Lisa and Vinny are at each others throats all the time, they also have what it takes to make it to 'death do us part'.

I think they’re going to fight until their deaths, and I think at the funeral of one of them versus the other, of them will throw themselves on the casket and yell to the heavens, ‘You f–ker! How can you leave me?!’ I think they will fight tooth and nail for the rest of their lives and love each other and never leave each other, because they grew up in the course of that early relationship... I think she’ll be on his ass until eternity and he’ll try to play around, not maybe necessarily sexually, but I think that the way he’s wired, he’ll f–k with it. He’ll mess with the mechanism and he’ll continuously challenge her, and if she can weather it long enough, then I think there’s a chance but I think they’re going to be one of these couples that are just tooth and nail. I think it’s in for the long haul if he can continue to grow up and she allows herself to be valued.

Which rom-com does do you think made it after the movie? And which didn't?

Source: MTV


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