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When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's really only one hero who binds the whole thing together. Sure, Iron Man has been around since the start - and true, Captain America has become a vital, unifying presence and all - but they're both still newbies compared to one seriously heroic guy.

That man? Nick Fury, as played so ably by Samuel L. Jackson.

After all - without him, The Avengers wouldn't even exist.

And, so, the recent news that Nick Fury may well soon be departing the MCU? Well, that's less welcome than a snake-load of planes. And yet...

Samuel L. Jackson Only Has Two More Movies on His Marvel Deal

Which, as Jackson revealed in a recent interview with IGN (which you can watch below), may well mean the end for Nick Fury in the MCU:

The key part there?

""I've only got two more movies in my contract. That might be the end of it unless I get an extension!"

Now, on the plus side, there seems to be every chance that Jackson would sign an extension if one was offered - he even outright said that he hopes to stick around - but the uncertainty still raises two key questions:

1. Does Avengers: Age of Ultron Count as One of Those Two Remaining Movies?

And, if so, does that mean Captain America: Civil War could well be our last chance to see Nick Fury on screen?

And, following on from that...

2. Are Marvel Planning on Killing Off Nick Fury?

After all, they may well need a beloved and recognizable hero to get caught in the crossfire of the battle between Captain America and Iron Man - and as a figure closely allied to both, Fury could well fit the bill...

What do you guys reckon, though? Will we see Nick Fury die in the MCU, or will Jackson sign an extension? And just what role do you think ol' Nick's going to have in Civil War?

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