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(Note, SPOILERS for next week's Arrow below...)

Now, when it comes to villains in the DC universe - and especially in the shared DC television universe of Arrow and The Flash - they don't come too much tougher than Deathstroke. He might not be quite as much of a bad-ass as, say, Oliver Queen, but that doesn't mean he's anything less than a fundamentally dangerous foe for out on-screen heroes.

Which, as it happens, makes the prospect of his return all the more intriguing - and gives us all the reason in the world to get over-excited by the fact that:

Deathstroke is Set to Return...Next Week

And from the looks of the images released so far - things are about to get seriously heated.

And since - as the newly released extended teaser for the episode has revealed - Oliver and Thea look set to be trapped on the island of Lian Yu along with a newly escaped Deathstroke, it seems things might well escalate from there...

After all, there's not a whole lot of good likely to come from any situation that ends up looking like this:

Though, on the plus side, it looks as though the shared enemy might just bring the two oft-estranged siblings closer together...

(Or at least give Thea the chance to beat the snot out of Deathstroke...)

Though, that being said - when Deathstroke's involved, nothing can ever be trusted to go quite according to plan...

The good news, though? We only have to wait until next Wednesday to find out just what's going to happen...

What do you guys reckon, though? Does Deathstroke have any particular tricks up his sleeve? Have you worked out any upcoming twists or turns?



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