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(Note, potential SPOILERS for The Flash below...)

Could we be set to see another unlikely romance blossom on a CW-based superhero show?

After Arrow's Oliver and Felicity became Olicity, there was always likely to be a similar response to two of the adorable, geeky and ridiculously good looking characters on The Flash - and the events of the recent episode 'Crazy For You' provided just such a reaction.

And so, SnowBarry was born - the fan-pairing of The Flash himself, Barry Allen and S.T.A.R. Labs' Caitlin Snow.

Sadly, though - cute as the two of them would be together - there is a pretty fundamental problem:

Caitlin Snow is Set to Become a Super-Villain

One in particular, in fact...
One in particular, in fact...

Specifically, the DC comic-book villain Killer Frost, an icy heat-vampire who, in the New 52 reboot, was originally a young a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist...named Caitlin Snow.

The Flash's Caitlin could take a different path though, right?

Well, perhaps - but Robbie Amell (who plays Ronnie Raymond in the show, aka Caitlin's believed dead-fiance, aka Firestorm) recently spoke to EW about the show's upcoming plans for Caitlin, and seems to have very much confirmed that Killer Frost is on her way...

" In an upcoming episode, you get a very small taste of the future of Killer Frost. But like you said, it’s definitely a ways down the road. I know that Danielle [Panabaker, aka Caitlin Snow] is super excited about it. I know they’ve been talking to her about it. I think it’s a matter of time. I’m sure they’ll start to manifest it shortly, but you have to see the development there, otherwise you’ll feel like you've missed a step."

Which...pretty much guarantees that we'll see Killer Frost on our screens sooner rather than later.

What Does That Mean for SnowBarry, Though?

Less than it does for SnowStorm...
Less than it does for SnowStorm...

Well, in the short term, it doesn't write anything off - and if there's one thing that Olicity proved, it's that the CW tend to listen to their fans - but in the medium to long term? Firestorm and Killer Frost's lives look set to be pretty firmly entwined.

After all, in the comics, he's the only one with enough stored heat to keep Killer Frost alive - her powers requiring a constant source of heat.

Now, in the comics, Frost is very much a murderous villain, and you'd have to imagine that Caitlin'll avoid that particular fate on screen - but odds are she and Firestorm are still going to be pretty closely tied by their respective powers (and that whole being in love with each other thing).

What do you guys reckon, though? Will we see SnowBarry anyway? When will Killer Frost emerge on the show? Is there someone else you think Barry'll end up with?



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