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Veteran CBS correspondent Bob Simon died Wednesday evening in a car crash in Manhattan. The 60 Minutes correspondent, who is best known for his brave and daring war reporting, was 73 years old.

Simon's career spanned over 50 years, in which we won 27 Emmys for covering some of the modern world's major international stories, including the Vietnam War, The Troubles in Northern Ireland, The Gulf War and The Olympics. Since 1996, Simon became a regular contributor to CBS' 60 Minutes, and he was due to continue this work into the 2014-2015 season - which would have been his 19th season with 60 Minutes.

Although perhaps best known for his war reporting, Simon covered a lot of issues. Take for example this report from the disappearing island of Nauru.

CBS News President David Rhodes stated:

Bob Simon was a giant of broadcast journalism, and a dear friend to everyone in the CBS News family. We are all shocked by this tragic, sudden loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bob’s extended family and especially with our colleague Tanya Simon.

60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager added:

It is such a tragedy made worse because we lost him in a car accident, a man who has escaped more difficult situations than almost any journalist in modern times. Bob was a reporter’s reporter. He was driven by a natural curiosity that took him all over the world covering every kind of story imaginable. There is no one else like Bob Simon. All of us at CBS News and particularly at 60 Minutes will miss him very much.

Indeed, an example of one of these 'difficult situations' occurred during the 1991 Gulf War. Simon and his team spent 40 days in an Iraqi prison before eventually being released. He eventually turned the experience into a 1992 book, Forty Days.

Simon was born on May 29, 1941 and is survived by his wife, Francoise, and daughter, Tanya, who works as a producer for 60 Minutes.

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