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We have all been waiting for months for the greatly anticipated release of the third House of Cards season.

There are so many pressing questions in the stunning political drama left to be answered: Will Frank Underwood secure his position as the most influential man in the world? Will there be any repercussions for some of the most shocking character deaths? How far is Claire Underwood willing to go to get what she wants?

For those of you scrambling to catch up with the series in time for the release, I won't release any spoilers or divulge any more information. Even if I wanted to, I would already be too late... earlier today, Netflix dropped a bombshell that has left House of Cards fans in the US reeling.

For many logging in earlier today into the online video's portal, they would have come face to face with the first ten episodes of the new season! WHAT!?

According to a company statement, the early leak was entirely unintentional and the early tease was caused by "a bug in the system." Taking to Twitter, the 'House of Cards' channel also set the record straight, joking:

Whilst the leak was in process, most of the season was available for viewing. Netflix subscribers could load each episode and watch it in full, even after it was hastily taken down 20 minutes after the leak.

Naturally, because nothing on the internet ever really goes away, screen shots of the episode summaries have since flooded the web, giving fans a comprehensive look into what is to come in season 3.

Here is a snapshot of the summary for the first episode. WARNING! Very minor spoilers up ahead!

Showrunner Beau Wilimon also tweeted:

Many responded with suggestions that the leak was intended all along as a publicity stunt. Willimon later joked:

"Was it us or North Korea? YOU decide..."

Well, whatever the backstory was, kudos to those lucky Netflix fans who managed to take a good sneak peak into the Underwood's White House before the big day. I, for one, missed the chance so am forced to resort to re-watching the season 3 trailer on repeat in anticipation...

2 weeks could not come any sooner!


Will you be watching season 3 when it is officially released?

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