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There's a whole host of The Big Bang Theory fan art on the digital sea, and the majority of it is totally badass! But here's some fan art I think the gang will totally approve of, reimagining them as superheroes, knights and various types of legendary badasses.

Come with me now, as we look at a few pieces of bangin' Big Bang fan art!

The Big Bang Theory - The Adventurers Wallpaper by theDURRRRIAN

This is great! It really reminds me of character types from, say, The Elder Scrolls, or an MMORPG of that ilk.

The Big Bang Theory 9 by OtisFrampton

This is super cute. I love how Leonard has been turned into a bespectacled Hobbit!

The Justice Bang by lordmesa

And here's the gang made up as DC's finest. Job well done!

TLIID 151. The Teen Titans and The Big Bang Theory by AxelMedellin

And this faithful bit of awesomeness even has dialogue!

Big Bang Super Heroes by attkcherry

Loving the minimalist design on this one.

big bang theory coloured by peatman2020

The coloring on this piece is superb!

The Big Bang League by gwendy85

Big Bang - Anime Style! This is pretty darn cool.

Big Bang Theory The Movie? by kevmcgivernart

Channeling a great Drew Struzan vibe here, loving the shading on Sheldon's yes. So intense! Plus, a movie would be interesting...

Some really good work on display here! I have to say that theDURRRRIAN's piece is definitely my favorite, but they've all got a special place in my heart.

How about you guys?


Which TBBT fan art was your fave?

Make sure to check out the artists' other work too!


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