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WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead for the NEXT episode of The Walking Dead. Proceed carefully.

After the events of the mid-season premier of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), it's pretty easy to see that the group much be reaching a very low point. In the space of a month (see the show timeline here) they have lost their safe home at the jail, core group members like Hershel, Bob, Beth and Tyreese, as well as many other acquaintances, including Lizzie and Mika. Now they are back on the road, unsure of what lies ahead but needing to press on regardless.

Episode 10, titled "Them" promises to be a very interesting episode, and will almost certainly be an episode which probably focusses on the characters mental states rather than gory action scenes. The Spoiling Dead Fans over on Facebook have managed to get a hold of some descriptions for a few scenes from this episode, which will screen on Sunday night. Take a look at what we can expect "Them" to be about.

The group is mentally and physically exhausted

We already know from our trailer breakdown earlier in the week, that the group somehow ends up back on foot, possibly because they run out of gas. After the group has been traveling a long time they are obviously hungry and exhausted, but have little (or no) food and water. Daryl is actually seen eating a worm, and Sasha kicks some dead frogs in a dried up river. This seems like crisis point for the group, they seem like they're in the middle of nowhere and they desperately need an oasis to get them through.

Daryl goes off alone

It looks like Daryl finds a long-dead animal
It looks like Daryl finds a long-dead animal

After the group takes a break on the road, Daryl goes off on a hunting trip to try and find something for the group, his hunting trip is a failure, though we see him have a cigarette break and a cry, most probably out of mourning for Beth (and Bob and Tyreese), and at the complete hopelessness of the groups situation. After stumping his cigarette out (in this thumb I believe), Daryl spots a barn in the distance where the group will later sleep.

We saw a barn featured quite heavily in the trailers for Season 5 (have a look at the breakdown over here), and it seems like the group take shelter here during a storm, though their stay is not as relaxing as they might have hoped, when they are all braced against the door keeping, what is probably, walkers out.

A new hunter emerges

After Daryl returns to the camp four wild dogs appear. While Rick and Daryl get their weapons ready it's Sasha who uses her silence rifle to shoot them all. The next shot is of the group cooking pieces of meat over an outdoor fire. We've seen scenes of the group in a fireside chat before in some of the trailers for Season 5b, which is where Rick gives his rousing "we'll be OK, because this is how we survive" speech. What better time to reassure the group that they will be ok after they reach their lowest ebb eating worms and feral dogs.

The Spoiling Dead also reveals that at one stage, Father Gabriel throws his priest collar into the fire, symbolizing a probable big change in the man of God. Perhaps Gabriel will soon transform himself into a very useful part of the group?

Take a look at AMC's sneak peak for episode 10 "Them":

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Source: The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook


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