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There is a brand new character who has some sort of agenda coming to Mystic Falls on the 19th February, but will she be a blessing or a curse to our fave vampiric gang?

So, far there isn't really to go on apart from a name and a few vague, wispy descriptions so here's everything we have to go on so far.

Actress: Annie Wersching

Character name: Lily

What do we know already? Lily has been described as 'beautiful and strong', but she is also 'articulate and caustic.' We also know that she will defend her loved ones at all costs, but who her loved ones actually are is anyones guess at the moment.

Wersching has remained pretty tight lipped about her character but she has revealed that "she absolutely has an agenda" and when grilled about whether her character was good, bad or moderate by Wetpaint she answered "all of the above"

Wait, where have I seen her before again? Wersching is one of those actresses who pops up in guest spots all over TV. You might recognize her from Castle, Revolution, Dallas, Body of Proof, or Touch, among other things.

Clearly the biggest question here is where Lily's allegiances lie, will she somehow be related to the Gemini coven or possible have some sort of connection to Bonnie that will be the key to getting her back?

I'm a bit stumped by this one so it would be great to hear what you lovely people think in the comments below!

Who do you think will be Lily's loved ones?

(Source: TV Line and Wetpaint)


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