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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, what better way is there to honor this beautiful day of romance, togetherness and overly priced gifts than with a tale of two star crossed snail lovers whose chance at love has been separated by a big ol' dangerous country road.

If you've ever driven down a country road, you'll understand the apprehension felt by the two, super cute, Gastropods, but the male snail handles the predicament with glorious gusto! Also, a tip of the hat to the subtle Frogger reference!


Have a look at the short film, will ya?

The short is a collaborative piece created under the supervision of Prague based production company 3BOHEMIANS, and took 58 people two weeks to create! That's an insanely short amount of time for something this good! And wasn't it sweet? What do you mean "no?" Have you a stone for a heart or did you just not watch it? Here, take this


To thaw your icy heart.

Setting The Scene

Here we have a lovely day in the country. Well, not for this bug at least...

...It gets stuck to the front of a vehicle and narrowly avoids a munching from this daredevil frog.

A Fool's Paradise

Here we have the lovers eyeing each other up...

...Oh, he's smooth, ain't he?

And here's the adrenaline junky frog attempting to ruin it for everyone.

Which he aces, sending the snails flying in differing dangerous directions...

The Path To True Love Is Troublesome

Now is the time to decide, is it worth it? Because...

...The lovers are separated by almost certain death by squishing.

Aaand I'm gonna leave it there, because you should watch it! It's a fun and really cute short film that I think you guys'll dig. Here's a little video detailing the creation of this little wonder...

Anyways, what did you guys make of that?

And on that note, I hope ya'll have a lovely Valentine's and be careful when crossing the road, yeah?

Source: Wildlife Crossing


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