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A big star from Guardians of the Galaxy has been confirmed as playing beloved the "The Kurgan" character in an upcoming reboot of the cult classic Highlander, it can be revealed.

In yet another big casting scoop for the Latino review, reporter El Mayimbe disclosed that breakout star Dave Bautista, who played Drax in last year's smash hit superhero movie, will play another sword wielding savage - The Kurgan!

Will Bautista make a good Kurgan? Or can there be only one?

The immortal barbarian was played to perfection by Clancy Brown in the original, so we can expect a lot of pressure to be placed on Bautista's shoulder by both the creators and the fans.

In the movie, Kurgan (aka Vitor) encounters Connor MacLeod on the battlefield in 16th century Scotland, where he discovers his foe is also immortal. The two meet again for their final battle (infamously named "The Gathering") in modern-day New York.

The lead role of Connor MacLeod/Russell Nash, originally played by Christopher Lambert, is yet to be cast. But, apparently, word on the grapevine is that Tom Cruise is being buttered-up for the role of Ramirez, played hilariously by Sean Connery in the original.

The movie will be directed by newbie Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and released some time next year.

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Will Dave Bautista make a good Kurgan?


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