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Over the past few years, cardigans have undeniably made a come-back. Whilst they used to be associated with being itchy, boring and generally something that your grandma would gift you for Christmas, these days a good cardigan is simply the epitome of cool, cosiness and practicality.

Even more so, when it's Harry Potter themed! Check out the trailer for the last film in the franchise below:

Trawling through the web, I came across this absolute gem of a garment that magically allows you to transport yourself into the world of Hogwarts without even having to slam yourself into an invisible wall at Kings Cross Station's Platform 9 and 3/4.

Online store Hot Topic are offering this enchanting creation on their website. Take a look and let me know what you think:

It has a beautifully embroidered Gryffindor crest and the scarlet and gold bands, just like in the films!

Perfect for those casual wizarding rambles through the countryside.

Alternatively, team it up with some sexy stockings.

What do YOU think?

Are they going to make three others for the other Hogwarts houses, I wonder? After all, not everyone is a Gryffindor, y'know...


Would you buy this themed cardigan?



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