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Everyone loves the magical story of a young girl named Elle trapped in a cruel existence in the household of her wicked step-mother. We recognize her kindness, her beauty and above all, her enchanting transformation into a fair maiden with the help of her fairy godmother.

From the signature powder-blue gown she wears to attend the royal ball, to her secret romantic encounter with a handsome prince, to her accidental loss of her sparkly glass slipper fleeing the palace as the clock strikes midnight, this is a fairytale we all know back-to-front.

In March, Disney will release it's live-action adaptation of Cinderella, 65 years following the original animation, and I simply cannot contain my excitement!

We have already been introduced to the first official trailer and yesterday, a new version was released that is just as magical. See for yourselves and check out the breakdown below:

Riding through the woods, the young beauty meets a handsome stranger

After a brief encounter, they are both quite taken with one another.

The charming young man is mesmerized by her

Even though she looks like an ordinary servant girl.

The castle announces a royal ball held in honor of the Prince

Cinderella's social-climbing evil step-mother believes that nobody in the kingdom shall outshine her 'stunning' daughters!

Cinderella transforms into her iconic gown and goes anyway

Her Fairy Godmother transforms her petty rags into a sparkling gown in the classic whirlwind transformation scene. (This is the moment I am most excited to see!)

Arriving at the ball, she looks mesmerizing

Catching the Prince's attention, they exchange numerous longing stares and dance around the ballroom, unaware of anyone else.

Suddenly, it strikes midnight and she remembers her Fairy Godmother's warning

Helena Bonham Carter looks phenomenal as the eccentric fairy and reminds her to "remember, at the last strike of midnight, the spell will be broken!"

Cinderella's step-mother knows something's up when she finds her glass slipper

Cinders is in big, big trouble!

Yet, the Prince is convinced that he has to find his one true love again

How will the story end?

I'm sure we all already know...

The movie looks absolutely fantastic! Feast your eyes on the sparkly extravaganza below in full:

I am so excited to experience one of my favorite Disney movies of all time being brought to life! In particular, I am really looking forward to seeing Cinderella take on a slightly more sassy attitude - her desire to protect the Prince will make for an interesting addition to the new adaptation.

What do YOU guys think!?


Will you be running to the movie theatres to experience the new adaptation?



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