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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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In more news that is Flip Your Desk Over And Leave The Planet™ awesome, one British custom guitar maker in Coventry, UK has been recycling old Millennium Falcon toys and turning them into electric guitars. Is there an award for pure badassery?

I mean the giant Falcons, obviously. What fun would playing guitar on a miniature Falcon be? Actually, ukelele's are fairly fun...

Doni Latchford, the genius behind Doni Custom Guitars takes Millennium Falcon replica toys, ranging from 1979 to 2004 replica models, and pops on a fretboard, strings and even some blue LED's turning a once awesome toy into an excellent science fiction, sonic adventure!

Most bodacious, indeed. Let's have a look at the axes, shall we?

The Han Solo!

Priced at $707 plus postage, this beauty will have you shredding in parsecs!

The Rebel Bass!

For those looking for that low down, deep, dirty smuggler tone, look no further than the Rebel Bass! It'll set you back $786, once again including postage, but that's mere pittance. I mean, come one, it's called the Rebel Bass! That's brilliant.

So, so very cool. But the awesomeness doesn't stop there. Doni Custom Guitars even go as far as remixing old consoles, turning them into novelty guitar gold. Like this...

NES Guitar!

And this...

Sega Genesis Guitar!

Ridiculous, right?

So if you're in the mood for starting up your own cantina or bonafide Nintendocore band, look no further than Doni Custom Guitars! And some synths, maybe.

(Source: Doni Custom Guitars)


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