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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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For any of you Star Wars fans that still reads Mad Magazine, issue #532 will be right up your alley as the legendary magazine has its googly-eyed novelty glasses aimed squarely at the galaxy far, far away.

The issue, which launches on iPad and print on the 13th and 24th of February respectively, contains a two page spread of The Force Awakens spoofing and, naturally, made it to the front cover with Mad's mascot Alfred E. Neuman featured as one of the ultra sleek looking new Stormtroopers.

Seriously, those Stormtroopers look damn cool!

The two page spread really is a work of genius, taking some of our favorite Star Wars characters and aging them to fit the thirty year gap between Jedi and TFA, and includes Mad's usual keen observational scathing of pop culture.

The brilliant artwork was created by Herman Mejia, and the story was crafted by Mike Morse. In an interview with /Film, Mad's Editor in Chief John Ficarra had a couple of choice things to say about their latest publication.

When asked why Mad decided to do a Star Wars parody now, Ficarra answered...

We’ve been wanting to do it for years! We first had the idea back in 1981, but they hadn’t even announced Return of the Jedi yet, so just sat on it and sat on it. But the excitement finally got the better of us, which is why we published it now and didn’t wait till December.

I'm glad they finally got around to it! Better late than never I say.

Will any of you guys be picking up issue #532 of Mad?

(Source: Slashfilm)


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