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We all make mistakes sometimes, even celebrities. Well, come to think of it, celebrities probably tend to make a lot more mistakes than the average person.

But despite the many public meltdowns, A-list arrests and celeb scandals, there are always some good eggs you just can't imagine ever crossing paths with the law.

These are the stories of those I least expected to see in custody. I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed...

1. Bill Gates

Year: 1977

Charge: Traffic violation

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates was pulled over by the Albuquerque police in New Mexico after committing a traffic violation. Who says you need a clean record to be successful?!

2. Tim Allen

Year: 1978

Charge: Drug dealing

That's right, Home Improvement star Tim Allen was arrested for trying to sell a hefty amount of cocaine to an undercover officer! Just look at that moustache, it's got 70s drug kingpin written all over it.

He served two years in prison, but clearly didn't learn his lesson, getting nabbed again by the boys in blue in 1997 for drunk driving. Whoops!

3. Reese Witherspoon

Year: 2013

Charge: Disorderly conduct

Oscar-winning 'good girl' Reese Witherspoon tainted her criminal record in 2013 after state troopers pulled her husband over for drunk driving.

Whilst the officers tried to determine whether or not the driver was inebriated, Witherspoon refused to co-operate, asking one police officer "Do you know my name?" Using fame to dodge the law, Reese? Not cool. Her obnoxiousness earned her this rather unflattering photo.

Hey, at least she has a souvenir to keep her ego in check, right?

4. Matthew McConaughey

Year: 1999

Charge: Resisting arrest

Way back before the McConaissance took the world by storm, the actor got in a spot of trouble with the authorities for partying just a little too hard. officers were called to McConaughey's home after receiving a noise complaint.

When they got there they found him dancing naked whilst playing the bongos, which is just about the most amazing thing I've ever heard. However, he was accompanied by an unidentified friend and a whole lot of marijuana paraphernalia. When the officers tried to cuff him, McConaughey resisted and was fined as a result.

5. Michelle Rodriguez

Year: 2007

Charge: Violation of probation

Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez was sentenced to six months in prison after failing to complete her community service and continuing to drink excessively whilst on parole.

She admitted to her charges and picked up this cheeky little snap because of it.

6. Keanu Reeves

Year: 1993

Charge: Drunk driving

Keanu Reeves got nabbed back in 1993 for drunk driving, but was released after confessing. Perhaps he was in training for 1994's action classic, Speed?!


Who are you most disappointed by?


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