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Justin Bieber has been awarded an extension to his community service sentence after claiming an injury is preventing him from fulfilling his obligations.

The star was ordered to complete 5 days of community service after pleading "no contest" in vandalism case filed last year for throwing eggs at the house of neighbor in 2014.

He was also forced to attend 12 anger management sessions, and pay $80,900 to repair damage to his neighbor’s home, both of which he has settled.

But according to a report by his probation officers, Bieber claimed an ankle sprain, suffered in a soccer match whilst holidaying on the luxurious Turks and Caicos islands off the coast of Cuba, had prevented him from completing the community service, which often involves picking litter or other tasks to improve the local area.

Other reasons given for the no show were "time spent in the recording studio" and the "taping of TV shows".

Justin Bieber on crutches following ankle injury.
Justin Bieber on crutches following ankle injury.

The 20-year-old's attorney provided the court with a chiropractor’s report that stated the singer was to stay off his feet for ONE WEEK in early January. Judge Leland B Harris was satisfied and awarded the pop star an extensive to complete his obligations before the next court date in May.

For those of us who like to keep abreast of all Bieber's revelations, you will remember that he just recently released a video begging forgiveness for his recent behavior.

What do you think? Does Bieber deserve our sympathy?

In the last few years, Bieber has been caught driving dangerously, abandoning his pet monkey, and urinating in a mop bucket while shouting “fuck Bill Clinton!”.

So does he really deserve our sympathy? I don't think he does. But equally, I'm not going to berate him either. Our talented popstars are supposed to be bat-shit mental and excruciatingly irritating. That's their job. How boring and mundane it would be if they waltzed around being nicey-nicey all the time.


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