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Titled Aloha, Cameron Crowe's latest feature has been shrouded in mystery for many months. Following many changes in name ("Deep Tiki" or "Volcano Romance?"), actor swaps (apparently Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon were attached at one point?), long production delays and many unanswered question regarding the plot, the finished product is finally here and we are very excited.

Opening in cinemas at the end of May, the Hawaii-set romantic comedy stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and the brilliant Bill Murray. It follows the story of a military contractor who meets with an old flame whilst falling for a local Air Force watchdog.

Without further hesitation (because there has been so much already in production!), here is the trailer in an easily digestible breakdown:

Brian is in trouble for jeopardizing a military operation and gets a good talking to by Alex Baldwin

It is understood that "Mr. Sexy Pants here blew the mission!"

Yet, everyone deserves a second chance and his old boss wants him back despite this

He is sent back to Hawaii where he is introduced to his new liaison officer

"She's a fast burner" apparently and doesn't even need coffee to get going in the morning.

Complications arise when an ex-girlfriend arrives on the scene

She's still pretty mad and blames their relationship breakdown on Brian being "a workaholic to avoid real work."

Meanwhile, the more he spends time with his sprightly officer, the more Brian likes her

Could this be love?

He also meets Woody, his ex's new man

His ex doesn't seem to happy with him either. Apparently he "doesn't communicate." He's pretty buff though.

Oh, the trailer tells us that relationships are all very complicated indeed!

And as the clip draws to a close, Bill Murray imparts a few gems of knowledge and life advice

Wearing a beautiful flower garland, of course...

If you want to see the trailer in its entirety, take a look below:

Tell me your thoughts! Will YOU be seeing it?


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