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Whoops! Ariana Grande didn’t realize she and Big Sean were being filmed for his latest YouTube video as they share a sweet kiss. Click WATCH!

Ariana Grande, 21, had a pretty hilarious reaction when she noticed that one of Big Sean‘s cameras were filming the couple during a private, intimate moment in which they shared a kiss. Surprisingly, Big Sean ended up using the footage for his “Patience” video.

Ariana Grande & Big Sean Caught Kissing In ‘Patience’

We see you, Ari and Sean!

The couple shared a quick but tender kiss in Big Sean’s video, “Patience,” without realizing that they were being filmed by his crew.

In the video, Big Sean has his hands on Ariana’s waist as her hands rest against his abdomen. They are talking, and then they both lean in for the kiss.

Right after their smooch, Ariana turns and makes eye contact with the camera lens. “Oh my God,” she can be seen saying, but then she quickly laughs it off. What a sport!

Even though Ariana didn’t see it coming, Big Sean ended up using just a few seconds of the footage for his spoken-word video, “Patience.”

Aren’t they the cutest?

‘Patience’ Featured On Big Sean’s New Album

The track that Big Sean and Ariana were caught kissing on is completely spoken word by the rapper himself.

While the video shows Big Sean in all of his different elements — recording, at events, hanging with friends — his voice tells us that it’s his patience that got him where he is today.

“Patience” will be featured on Big Sean’s next album, Dark Sky Paradise, which releases on iTunes on Feb. 24.

What do YOU think, Are Ariana and Big Sean a cute couple? Do you think they will get married one day? Comment below with your thoughts!


Do you think Ariana and Sean will get married?


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