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We know Captain America and Iron Man will be facing off against each other in a little thing called [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409). But we also know that Marvel is tossing in some real bad guys in this film as well - at least one of them taking the form of German actor Daniel Bruhl, who you might remember from being quite excellent in Ron Howard's Rush.

So Many Barons!

Now there's been speculation and very good leads on who Daniel Bruhl will be playing. Thinking that Bruhl might somehow be involved with Red Skull isn't too big a stretch of the imagination - even thinking that he'd be one of [Marvel](channel:932254)'s various villainous "Baron"s wouldn't be a bad idea.

Baron von Strucker has already made his appearance.
Baron von Strucker has already made his appearance.

The best clue came from a Disney casting call that listed the names and characters of the principal cast, including Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo. Pretty straightforward, right? Baron Zemo is a well-known adversary of Captain America, he's got his connections to Red Skull and it makes perfect sense, yeah?

But then there's a wrench thrown in the works. Variety, an organization not known to be in the speculation market, writes that they've been tipped that Bruhl will not be the main villain of Captain America 3, but rather the potential big bad in Doctor Strange. Confusing?

A Strange Connection

While Variety may or may not be staffed and sourced by folks with a keen understanding of the staggering amount of Marvel characters out there - it seems odd that they would mention Bruhl and [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) together if there wasn't some sort of connection.

Is it possible that there are two Barons being cast for two different movies? The famous Baron from Doctor Strange's world is Baron Mordo. Did Variety simply get their peanut butter in their chocolate on this one? Then again, it makes a certain MCU sense for Marvel to introduce a character sooner rather than later for Doctor Strange and start to plant the seeds for this film in something as big as Captain America 3.

How crazy would it be for the MCU to be combining to Barons in one? There's actually a rich history of Nazi guys like Baron Zemo getting into the kinds of dark sorcery arts that Baron Mordo is up to. Their names are so similar! Fitting Doctor Strange into the Captain America and Avengers world was never going to be an easy thing to do - might the MCU get a little creative with its lesser known characters to make the transition a bit easier?

Daniel Bruhl is the kind of caliber of actor that Marvel would want to keep around for as long as possible. The future of Captain America is pretty uncertain - especially at this Civil War stage of the game - so movies like Doctor Strange and [Black Panther](movie:9047) are the best bets for Red Skull and HYDRA villains to continue to appear.

And maybe, that's the mistake Variety made - maybe Daniel Bruhl's Baron Zemo character is being set up for Black Panther, not Doctor Strange. What do you think? Would Marvel combine Barons and villains to their advantage?


Who is your favorite Baron?


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